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These National Pizza Day 2020 Memes Are Almost as Satisfying as Scarfing Down a Tasty Slice



Pizza is love. Pizza is life. Pizza is the glue that holds humanity together. It's the food that you can always order and know that for 99 percent of the human population — although their waistline isn't happy that you brought that evil upon them — their tastebuds are jumping for joy. So it makes sense why so many people go absolutely bonkers for National Pizza Day, even if there are endless debates as to what is considered an appropriate topping for the world's favorite dish.

And while people express their love in a variety of different ways, it seems that folks these days are really into using memes to do just that. So what better way to celebrate National Pizza Day than with a plethora of different memes paying tribute to the ridiculously good marriage of dough, cheese, and sauce. And just like a good slice of 'za, pizza memes are always good, even when they're bad. But you won't have a problem with these choice snippets of pizza-themed hilarity.

Plastic melts, who'da thunk?

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It's best to leave pizza-making up to the professionals sometimes, like Costco.

Actions speak louder than words.

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There are few things that can't be repaired with a little bit of sincerity and the gift of pizza.

Pizza is reliable.

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Friends, family, and lovers will all betray you at some point — but pizza is a constant.

Unholy alliances.

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Personally, I love them, which is probably why I enjoy pineapple and pizza so much.

Such a good friend.

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I'm sure that '80s song, "The Promise" was written from the perspective of a nice hot slice of 'za.

When will it get here?

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The longest 30 minutes of your life.


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OK, I know what I was saying about unholy alliances, but this is just unacceptable.

I wish the movie was about this.

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Just Dakota Johnson and the handsome dude munching on some pizza slices the entire film, that'd be great.

Go big or go home.

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Pizza and ice cream is about as close to perfection as you'll get.

Tinder's got nothing on the Domino's app.

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This is sound logic. Here's hoping he just works in a place that gives good tips. Plus, you'll never go hungry.

I'm with Italy on this one.

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I'm not saying I condone violence against anyone — especially for their culinary predilections — but kiwi on pizza is unacceptable.


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No one outpizzas the hut. Ridiculous.

They're not lying, technically.

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I mean what do you expect for $5.99?

Damn, P. Hut set themselves up for that one.

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In all seriousness, standard Domino's pies got nothing on Pizza Hut's.

And a beautiful mistake it is.

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Gosh, it always feels terrible afterwards, but so good while you're doing it.

Pizza doesn't care about your hunger levels.

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In fact, I don't ever remember being hungry before I started eating pizza, I'm always consuming it out of sheer joy and will.

The happiest day of my life.

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We've got a little pie in the oven! Hooray!

Oh it doesn't stand a chance.

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Neither does the skin on the roof of your mouth.

There are a few universal truths.

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And you're a fool if you think you'll ever outpizza the hut, get outta here.

Desperate time call for desperate measures.

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Improvise, adapt, overcome.

That's messed up.

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She ruined that person's pepperoni like that.

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