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Fast-Spreading Fake News Story Claims That Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Was Arrested



According to a fast-spreading rumor, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was arrested after authorities found 13,000 files containing child pornography on his computer. The gossip is thought to have originated from well-known fake news website Toronto Today, which published the text under the category of Conspiracy Files. Social media users have shared it with their followers en masse. 

Unlike what the articles and posts claim, Reed is not facing criminal charges. 

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings became the subject of a vicious rumor overnight.

According to the false allegations, Reed's house was raided by FBI agents who found child pornography, alongside homemade videos, that saw the influential businessman assault "several unconscious women," on his computer. 

As Toronto Today prompts, the Netflix CEO also operated a drug laboratory in a downstairs bedroom closet of his California home. All of these claims are made up. 

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According to Toronto Today, Reed is now facing 11 charges for the possession of child pornography, operating a Breaking Bad-style lab inside a wardrobe, and the like. 

Unfortunately, the vicious rumor started gaining traction on social media with breakneck speed, with some, arguably less-attentive readers venturing so far as to argue that Netflix should be boycotted. 

"Netflix CEO arrested for child Pornography. This man is sick!," tweeted a person. 

"So many people still have so little idea how entrenched pedophilia is among the elites in this world.  These people are sick & demented.  Give them due process. Then give the guilty the quick & swift death they deserve.  We must demand this evil be purged," wrote another person. 

"Netflix CEO Is BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY," opined someone else. 

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Source: Twitter

The false allegations led some to demand a boycott against Netflix.

Some took the social media trend as an opportunity to speak out against pedophilia. 

Things got worse, however, when some Twitter users tried to claim that there's a correlation between the supposed personal interests of the Netflix founder and CEO and the release of Cuties, a brand new drama-comedy tackling the over-sexualization of underage women. 

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"Netflix CEO BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY – Daily Headlines So the piece of s--- CEO has been arrested for owning child porn No wonder he allowed the disgusting movie Cuties on  Netflix. Isn’t Susan Rice on the board of Netflix? Trashy!!" opined a person.

"NETFLIX is fueling PEDOPHILIA and displaying CHILD PORN in the movie “CUTIES.” What is wrong with you @netflix?! Take it down immediately, arrest the CEO, and never do such a terrible thing again. You’ve lost all my respect. #CancelNetflx," wrote somebody else. 

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Another person tried to stand up against the wrong Netflix head honcho and made a case against Ted Sarandos — whose name wasn't mentioned in the fake news article. 

Source: Twitter
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The story was exclusively distributed by fake news websites like Investors Hub and The Donald Win, and social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. 

Although the whole story is fictitious, it did provide an opportunity for those less familiar with either Cuties or the intricate commissioning processes in place over at Netflix to share their opinions. 

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