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Source: YouTube

Fans Are Already Shipping the New Paramedic on 'Chicago Fire' With Gallo


Change is never easy. And when it comes to Chicago Fire, where viewers get attached to some characters way too easily, switching out one character for a brand new one can be a hard pill to swallow. But when the new paramedic on Chicago Fire made her debut in Season 8, fans welcomed her with open arms and excitement over what she might bring to the table.

When Otis died at the start of Season 8, it was a blow felt by most fans. But going into the second half of the season, things are on more of an upswing, which includes the addition of Violet, who may or may not have a romantic past with Gallo. She isn't part of Firehouse 51, but she is essentially a replacement character for Otis. Though to be fair, no one can really ever replace him.