Former Alabama Coach Nick Saban Is the Proud Father of Two Kids

In early May 2024, former 'Bachelorette' contestant James McCoy Taylor shared a pretty scandalous story about Nick Saban's daughter, Kristen.


May 2 2024, Published 1:31 p.m. ET

Few coaches at any level of football can claim to have had a more successful career than Nick Saban. The former head coach at Alabama is the most decorated coach in the history of college football, and he has left a massive hole behind since he retired.

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Now that Nick is no longer coaching, some want to learn more about what his relationship is like with his kids. After all, part of Nick's skill as a coach was finding a way to turn a bunch of college athletes into a well oiled machine. Here's what we know about Nick's own kids.

Nick Saban hugging his daughter Kristen after the 2018 college football championships.
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Who are Nick Saban's kids?

Nick and his wife Terry, who he has been married to for more than 50 years, have two children together, Nicholas and Kristen. Both children were adopted. Nick typically doesn't discuss them much in public, preferring to keep his conversations focused squarely on football.

Nicholas and Kristen both have one kid of their own now, and Nicholas is divorced. Kristen married her high school sweetheart and still lives in Alabama near her parents.

The whole family, including both Nicholas and Kristen, are involved with Nick's charity Nick's Kids, which provides funding for children in need.

On the more salacious side of things, Kristen was involved in a trial in 2012 for allegedly beating up one of her sorority sisters. The trial ultimately resolved in her favor as it was determined that Kristen had been acting in self defense.

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Kristen has now been accused of cheating.

The most recent controversy to strike the Saban family occurred in early May 2024, when former Bachelorette contestant James McCoy Taylor came forward with a pretty scandalous story about Kristen.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, James claimed that he was in a relationship with Kristen until about two months before, and they had broken things off after she said that she was still married and wouldn't be leaving her husband.

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James then posted photos of them together, saying that he did so because he was being threatened with blackmail by someone who had the photos.

Kristen, who was known to be a pretty prolific poster on social media, deleted her Twitter profile shortly after James's post went live, which could suggest that there was something behind the allegations.

While the photos of James and Kristen together seem pretty damning, there are some in the comments under his post who think he has done all of this for clout.

Regardless of the exact circumstances, though, James seems to be saying that Nick is pretty peeved at his daughter over the controversy.

There may be more twists and turns still to come, but given the fact that Kristen deleted her Twitter account, it seems like there might be something to this allegation. Ultimately, though, only time will tell whether this will all blow over on its own or if it's the beginning of an even bigger scandal.

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