There's a Second Novel and a Wedding on the Horizon for 'Cherry' Author Nico Walker (EXCLUSIVE)

Where is the author of 'Cherry' now that his debut novel has been adapted into the highly anticipated Russo brothers film? Exclusive details inside!

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Feb. 26 2021, Updated 4:38 p.m. ET

Nico Walker and Rachel Rabbit White
Source: photo by Rachel Oyster Kim, courtesy of the author

The Russo brothers’ first post-Avengers cinematic foray, Cherry, is finally here. 

Starring Tom Holland in the lead role, the film tells the story of a broken-hearted young man who joins the army, returns from Afghanistan with PTSD, turns to heroin to cope, and then subsequently starts robbing banks to support his habit.

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The indie drama is based on a novel by the same name written by author Nico Walker, who actually lived most of the experiences detailed in his semi-autobiographical debut novel. 

In fact, Nico was still in prison serving time for the robberies when the Russo brothers acquired the rights to his book. So, where is Nico Walker now? Did he ever get out of prison and does he have plans to write any other books? Keep scrolling for the exclusive details that Distractify has obtained.

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Where is 'Cherry' author Nico Walker now?

At 19, Nico Walker was already an Army medic. When he returned from Afghanistan after an 11-month deployment, he tried to adjust back to civilian life but was suffering from a severe case of PTSD, with nightmares of the war and of his own death. 

Finally, he turned to heroin to cope and started to rob banks to get the money for his habit.

Nico was subsequently arrested when he crashed his getaway car after a robbery. By that point, he had stolen more than $40,000 in cash and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. 

During his time behind bars, Nico began teaching other inmates English and Spanish grammar and also started writing his debut novel, Cherry.

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So where is Nico now? He was released from prison early in Oct. 2019, so he could take care of his ailing mother. 

Nico moved to Oxford, Mississippi, where he continues to live with his fiancée, the poet Rachel Rabbit White, who spoke exclusively with Distractify about what life with the Cherry author is like today.

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The literary couple met online when Nico reached out to Rachel while he was working on a project for a magazine. Ever since then, it’s been a whirlwind romance. 

Rachel left her Brooklyn apartment to relocate to Oxford, and together, the couple is living the idyllic life of two writers who are madly in love.

“We get dressed up every day even if we aren’t leaving the house — just for each other,” Rachel told Distractify. These days, she says, Nico has been favoring “a suit with a beanie, mascara and blue eyeshadow, and a bunch of rings.” 

They spend “most hours of the day writing” and taking care of the many stray cats that live around their home.

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Rachel also said that Nico “still writes on a typewriter as that’s how he got used to writing in prison.” 

With two authors in the house, the couple has a diligent writing practice. Nico told GQ that although they "sometimes look at each other’s work…we try to not really get in each other’s way.”

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Nico is currently working on his second novel, which according to Rachel, "takes place in prison." “I know it sounds strange to describe a book about prison as funny but it’s hilarious,” she adds. 

Nico himself told GQ that he has “tons of pages” written, and all that’s left is to “just set down the final manuscript.” 

Although Nico’s second book sounds like it also takes a lot from his real-life experiences, he says it’s very different from Cherry and he’s trying to take a different approach to his work this time around.

In other big plans, the couple is also looking forward to having “a big wedding as soon as COVID allows." 

"[Nico] just had his first suit fitting yesterday,” Rachel shared.

Cherry is out in theaters now and will be available to watch on Apple TV+ starting on March 12.

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