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Source: Instagram

Nicole Zavala Breaks Down on ‘Cartel Crew’ After Claiming She’s a Victim of Domestic Violence

By Gabrielle Bernardini

Vh1’s latest series, Cartel Crew, follows the lives of descendants of drug trafficking families as they try to navigate adulthood while hoping to put their pasts behind them. 

On the show, Nicole Zavala claims that she has been a victim of domestic violence. Nicole’s friend Stephanie consoles the shaken up reality star as she reveals that a guy who she has been seeing on and off becomes a different person when he’s intoxicated. 

"When he gets drunk, he takes all his anger [out] on somebody,” she says. The guy then begins to accuse Nicole of having a boyfriend, which she denies. 

"He just grabbed me and then on top of that his friends all put their hands on me. He put his hands on my face, trying to drag me out of the hotel room," she reveals. Nicole starts to break down as Stephanie continues to comfort her, and also questions if she’s going to press charges.