'Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas': Twins Dish on Drama, Tears, and Who Leaves Early! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Apr. 17 2020, Updated 12:30 p.m. ET

niki gabi bahamas
Source: Awesomeness

Going on a tropical vacation with your sister, boyfriend, and BFFs may seem like a great idea ... until you're stuck under one roof with no cell phones, cameras watching your every move, and loads of personalities. YouTube stars Niki and Gabi DeMartino are back with a brand new season of their AwesomenessTV series, and Distractify caught up with the girls to hear all the tea on their Bahamas vacay. 

And, the twins had no problem dishing on the biggest OMG moments of the season!  

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Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas will have no shortage of tears, fights, laughs, and possibly the end of one (or two) friendships. As the girls preach this season, "blood is thicker than anything," and these social media stars are not about to let anyone get in the way of their sisterhood!

Check out our exclusive Q&A chat with Niki and Gabi below. (Editor's note: This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)   

niki gabi bahamas
Source: Awesomeness
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Niki & Gabi DeMartino tease biggest OMG moments, fights, and more in new season!

Distractify: So, who is at the center of the most drama this season?

Gabi DeMartino: I would say Niki.

Niki DeMartino: Yeah, I would say myself. I feel like my form of escapism is going on my phone and this season they took away our phones. I’m a very anxious person and there’s cameras in our bedrooms and around the house and no phone. 

My anxiety was on full display … people would comment on it, other people would give me s--t about it. I just kind of had to learn how to love myself through my flaws this season cause they’re on display.  

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Just from the trailer it seems like there is a lot of drama this season. Both of your boyfriends came with you on this trip, so did you worry that this situation will put stress on your relationships, with so many personalities in one house?

ND: Girl, 100,000 percent. Yes! Me and Gabi are relationship girls and we put our boyfriends before a lot of things and our boyfriends kinda weren’t really up for this but they do it because they love us. It is a risk. I fought with my boyfriend a ton on the trip and there were moments that it crossed my mind 100 percent. 

niki gabi bahamas
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What is the OMG moment everyone will be talking about from the series? Can you tease anything?

GD: Blood is thicker than anything. Family blood. You see very relatable conversations. There’s a lot of searching for identities, a lot of new drama. There’s no phones. There’s new members. Just a lot of confessionals.  

ND: I think people are gonna be shocked by the dynamic in the house. .... Something happens to one of the three DeMartino sisters that’s kind of negative. You’ll see the family dynamic through that, how friends really try to get between us sisters and we really have to become a force. There’s even things we didn’t notice until rewatching the show that me and Gabi are kind of upset about, but didn’t know was going on under the rug while filming was taking place. 

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There are just a lot of peoples’ stories being told this season … Gabi and I knew our narrative, but we didn’t know something else that was going on in the house between two people. It’s really hard to watch back.  

'Anytime somebody in your friend group smells alcohol, someone starts crying,' is my favorite line from the trailer. Which of the two of you is the biggest crier of the season?

niki gabi demartino
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ND: Me! 

GD: In this season you see me console Niki during her little drunk cries. It’s something that the fans have never seen before; they’re used to seeing us fighting, they don't really see us console each other.  

Gabi, you mention in the trailer that you and Niki sorted through your problems beforehand. So, do any other problems kind of come to a head this season or do you revisit anything?

GD: I don’t want to say too much because a lot of it is in the plot of the show this season, but I will say there are things that I talk about with my boyfriend that I haven’t addressed on YouTube at all … there are things that haven’t been OK that I address in my relationship with other people, whether it’s my sister or friends. There’s a lot of addressing going on and I think the aspect of taking phones away is really bringing everyone to a common ground.  

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ND: I think that between me and Gabi and my older sister Alex, I think we kind of … there was some drama. There’s always a Niki and Gabi blowout every season … but me and Gabi for the most part kind of got along, but when we do bicker it’s because the friends…the friends are kind of the common theme here, and we never really saw it. We have a new perspective coming out of it then when we went into it and I think Gabi agrees. 

Any word on a Season 6? Would you take the same group of people on vacay again?

GD: Let’s just say we’re going to do some reconstructing. Once you see the final episode, you’ll see what we’re talking about, but there’s already discussions of a Season 6. 

ND: One thing we haven’t teased yet though is someone does get sent home in the middle of the week on our show.

Catch the season premiere of Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas on April 18 on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube Channel. 

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