'No One Gets Out Alive' Features a Monster Quite Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Leila Kozma - Author

Oct. 4 2021, Published 1:34 p.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for No One Gets Out Alive.

A mystery-horror fiction about two brothers willing to sacrifice their tenants to a disgusting monster who normally dwells in a stone box in the basement? That's No One Gets Out Alive in a nutshell.

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Starring Cristina Rodlo and Joana Borja, the brand-new Netflix movie portrays a slice of the world where one's fondest dreams can quickly become a reason for ruthless exploitation. So, what exactly does the monster do? What does it look like?

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'No One Gets Out Alive' features a harrowing monster with an unusual build.

Based on Adam Nevill's eponymous book, No One Gets Out Alive charts a young woman named Ambar's experiences in the U.S. Having migrated here illegally, she has to face a handful of terrifying challenges.

She takes up a job in a sweatshop, only to be taken for a fool by the others. She moves into an eerie house owned by two brothers, Red (Marc Menchaca) and Becker (David Figlioli), only to discover that they are hiding a monster with an insatiable thirst for blood in the basement.

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Despite the hour-and-25-minute-long showing time, the monster only comes out of its box to play toward the end of the movie. It has unusual arms and a disproportionately put-together body.

Its distressed skin and odd figure garnered some shocked responses. As Monica Castillo writes for RogerEbert.com, its tooth-filled mouth located on the lower half of its body can also be compared to a vagina dentata.

A scene from 'No One Gets Out Alive'
Source: Netflix
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Does the monster in 'No One Gets Out Alive' let anyone get out alive?

As a scene in the second half of No One Gets Out Alive shows, the monster doesn't immediately jump on the opportunity to devour all of its victims. The monster forces its victims to see visions — strange, memory-slash-mental images.

In Ambar's case, she sees herself sitting by her mother's deathbed. The mental image serves as a recurring motif throughout the movie. Either way, she doesn't let it fool her — which might be one of the reasons why she doesn't fall victim to the monster.

Ambar turns out to be the only character of the movie who survives. She kills Red and Becker, the evil brothers responsible for feeding new victims to the hideous creature in the basement.

In a crucial scene of the movie, she discovers that the monster also has healing capacities — and that it can help cure injuries like a broken foot. Ambar learns about this after feeding Red's body to the creature.

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Some No One Gets Out Alive fans think that Ambar might end up choosing the life of a monster handler — insofar the lifestyle comes with additional perks like magically healed wounds.

"No One Gets Out Alive SPOILERS — I think if Ambar continues the ritual killings but only kills men, that would be pretty girl boss of her," tweeted @slythercho.

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"No One Gets Out Alive on Netflix was so good! The ending and the box? I really didn't see that coming. 9/10," tweeted @ChromaticaII911.

No One Gets Out Alive is available on Netflix now.

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