Noelle Hughley on Her Unexpected 'Summer House: MV' Love Triangle (EXCLUSIVE)

Noelle told 'Distractify' that, before 'Summer House: MV' Season 2, Summer told her a "total lie" about her situation with Alex.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Apr. 1 2024, Published 4:50 p.m. ET

(l-r): Noelle Hughley, Alex Tyree, and Summer Marie Thomas
Source: Bravo

During Season 2 of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, fans met a new young, Black professional named Noelle Hughley who was hoping to make a splash in her debut season. Since the show returned to Bravo on March 24, 2024, Noelle has captured fans’ attention, with many believing she’s a perfect fit.

Noelle, a 28-year-old journalist turned aspiring entertainment lawyer, came to Martha's Vineyard with her good friend Summer Marie Thomas, though she quickly gelled with the rest of the cast.

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While Noelle's bubbly personality and friendly nature allowed her to get along with most of the cast platonically, she also unknowingly became involved in a romantic entanglement involving Summer and someone Noelle believed to be fair game — Alex Tyree.

In an exclusive interview with Distractify, Noelle shared how discovering Summer and Alex's "situationship" and the rest of the group affected her relationships with them moving forward.

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Noelle Hughley wasn't dating anyone before she entered the 'Summer House: Martha's Vineyard' house.

Noelle came into Summer House: Martha's Vineyard ready to see what the eligible bachelors had in store. According to her Bravo bio, she was "single and ready to mingle." Her and Summer's co-star, Alex, was also the only single male in the house at the time—or so we thought.

In the season premiere, Summer revealed to the group that she and Alex's Season 1 flirtation had become more serious on her end. During the cast's seafood dinner, she expressed her frustration to Alex after he neglected to invite her to one of his events before they reunited at the Vineyard.

While Alex said everyone in the group was invited, Summer claimed he should've personally invited her since he had been "inside" of her multiple times.

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Summer's reveal stunned everyone in the group, including Noelle, who was away from the dinner table at the time. Noelle told us she was blindsided when she found out about her and Alex's flings after telling Summer she found him attractive.

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"We already had talked about like, 'Hey, I've seen this guy Alex, he's cute, what's this?'" Noelle told Distractify of her and Summer's prior talks about Alex. '"You know, what is your past situation with him?' Because I know that you only see so much on TV but then there's real life that happens. And she said, they just hung out as friends. It's just the cast mate type of thing. But no, that was a total lie."

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Noelle said Summer "encouraged" her to flirt with Alex before revealing their situationship.

Noelle and Summer met through Noelle's roommate, whom Summer was dating in New York. Summer and Alex also said on Summer House: Martha's Vineyard that they weren't exclusively dating.

However, Alex (and most fans) believed Summer had deeper feelings for him than he wanted to reciprocate.

Although Summer maintains she didn't want to be Alex's main squeeze, Noelle felt her friend didn't keep the girl code in mind when she neglected to tell her about her and Alex's past before encouraging her to shoot her shot at him.

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"Don't have me walk into a situation where I do not know any type of history you have with this person," Noelle said of Summer. "You're encouraging me to flirt with him, saying things like, 'Oh, y'all look cute together, there are certain things that both y'all do that remind me of each other,' and then there's a history. And now people are looking at me like I'm crazy and a bad person the whole time."

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While Noelle didn't share how Summer's reveal would affect their relationship, she admitted learning about their history from the group was an unsettling experience.

"Even if I was there at the table when that happened, you're telling me that that's when you want to reveal something?" she questioned of Summer's actions. "It's not nice. And it's not fun to be on the receiving end of that."

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard airs new episodes on Bravo on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST.

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