Past Members and Other TikTokers Are Calling out the Not a Content House Management Team

Like Hype House or Sway, Not a Content House was a collective of TikTok creators. Several past members are calling out management online.

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Feb. 10 2021, Published 12:04 p.m. ET

Not a Content House
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While TikTok collectives were all the rage in 2020, as creators lived and worked together to create premium content, things are definitely changing in 2021. From Quinton Griggs' reveal that Sway House "isn't a thing anymore" to the various member departures in other houses, many influencers are taking their talents elsewhere.

Not a Content House was a later addition to the TikTok group community since it only formed in August 2020. 

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But, there's now a lot of drama going on with current and former members.

In January and February of 2021, many Not a Content House members left the group, including Cynthia Parker, Sabrina Quesada, Devyn Winkler, Lauren Kettering, and Madi Monroe. 

Several users have since called out the Not a Content House management team, leading some to wonder if that had anything to do with all of the shake-ups in the group.

TW // Grooming

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Multiple Not a Content House members have left the group.

Unlike other social media residences, most of the members of Not a Content House have been teenage girls. When a handful of them left at around the same time, rumors went rampant about what exactly happened. 

First, Madi Monroe and Lauren Kettering left, and Cynthia Parker soon followed. 

While there was some speculation that Cynthia was asked to leave the house after disagreeing with the other women, she debunked this.

"Nope, not kicked out! Just decided to put myself and my mental health first. I have so much love for the girls and am beyond grateful for every memory w[ith] them. But I'm onto [sic] bigger and better projects now," Cynthia wrote in an Instagram comment. 

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However, Devyn Winkler, who was still in NACH at the time, stated that management led to Cynthia's departure.

"Wasn't the girls. It was management," she wrote in response to one user who asked about why Cynthia wasn't in the group.

Shortly thereafter, Devyn posted a TikTok video that hinted at her own exit. The NACH Instagram soon unfollowed her, seemingly confirming that she left. 

Sabrina Quesada has also left, and she confirmed the news by posting a duet with Cynthia about leaving.

Source: Instagram
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But, some NACH members are staying loyal to the group (for now). When Ava Tortorici was asked if she would leave in the comments section of a TikTok video, she had an emphatic response. "No I'm not leaving," she wrote, along with a heart emoji. "I love all those girls with my whole heart forever tho."

In another comment, she simply wrote, "No," in a reply to another similar question.

Several TikTok users are calling out Not a Content House management — here's the drama breakdown.

While it's normal for members to come and go in social media collectives, the frequency of the NACH exits has many convinced that something significant could be going on behind the scenes. 

According to the Def Noodles Twitter account, Top Talent Agency merged with NACH just before the departures began. 

Per the account, one of the managers working directly with NACH was 21-year-old Nour Khodr of Top Talent L.A. The agency previously represented Top Talent House, which disbanded in the fall of 2020. 

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Rachel Brockman, a 16-year-old who was in Top Talent House, accused the management team of grooming her. She was reportedly removed from the residence by the L.A.P.D. 

A Twitter thread about the matter goes into detail about the accusations against Nour and the demise of the Top Talent House.

Rachel has been responding to comments about the fallout of the NACH exits and comparing it to her own experience at the Top Talent House. 

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However, other former members have shared that Nour was not the issue but that other managers were. 

Cooper Noriega, who is in a relationship with Sabrina, posted a tweet about the matter which has since been deleted. "Not a Content House managers/management is literally s--t, most manipulative people and weirdly sexual to the girls. etc. etc," he wrote. "More to come."

Rachel wrote, "YUP," in response to this.

Cooper later clarified that he wasn't referring to Nour, per the Instagram account @TikTokRoom

"Yeah, ain't talkin bout Nour," Cooper wrote. "Talking about Clubhouse managers..." (Clubhouse BH is linked to NACH).

Sabrina herself responded to Rachel's involvement in the NACH drama.

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"She literally doesn't even know the half of it, she was never in NACH. Nour treated us very well and has a good heart, he was in no way involved in our mental health deteriorating while we were there," Sabrina wrote. "Cooper is only speaking out because he saw me hit rock bottom firsthand while I was a part of the house." 

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Though it's currently unclear who the managers in question are, since there are multiple accounts about what went on, past members are speaking out about the matter as well. 

Madi Monroe, who originally said that she left the residence to focus on other projects, went on Instagram Live and also hinted at issues with management.

"It's not even drama with the girls because I love all of the girls. It was more of the constant pressure from our managers and the management team behind it. Fortunately, I do have a different manager, so I didn't have it as bad as the other girls... 

"Some of the things that were being said to us and some things that we were forced to do were just weren't right, I guess," she said during the live stream. "That's why I was the first to be like [shows peace sign with her fingers] I'll see ya."

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Current member Eva Cudmore clarified that many of the NACH residents had their own separate management but that there is a team overseeing the home. 

"I would just like to make it clear: Anna [Shumate] and I have the same manager, Cynthia [Parker] has her own, Sab [Quesada] has her own, Dev has her own, Lauren [Kettering] has her own, Ava [Tortorici] has her own, and Madi [Monroe] has her own. We're all managed by the same house manager. That's all."

Further updates about the drama are unavailable at this time, and it's not immediately clear who exactly the former NACH members are referring to when it comes to the management team.  

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