Nurse Ubers to Work Because It's Somehow Cheaper Than Paying for Parking

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 28 2023, Published 5:52 p.m. ET

For many of us, taking an Uber somewhere is pretty convenient. Instead of having to call for a taxi or hoping that a friend will volunteer themselves as the designated driver so you don't have to, it's become easy for people to simply tap on their app and find someone else who is able to drive them around as needed.

But what might be a luxury to some may be a necessity for others. In lieu of their own car or public transport, some people use Ubers just to go to work.

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In plenty of cases, people may have to rely on Ubers to attend their jobs or even make appointments. I myself have had to take app ride services just to visit the dentist.

As far as one former nurse is concerned, taking an Uber to work was cheaper than having to pay for parking for her own car. Here's what she had to say and some similar horror stories we've found about taking an Uber to work.

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This former nurse took Ubers to work because parking was somehow more expensive.

In a viral TikTok posted in mid-November 2023, Sarah Krugel (@sarahkrugel1) shared the struggle she had with driving to work. As a nurse, she had to take Ubers to her hospital.

In her short 10-second video, she can be seen already in the back of an Uber car being driven to work. Not many of us would consider this as an option for commuting, but for Sarah, it was practically a business expense.

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"When it's cheaper to Uber to work than pay for parking," her video says.

In essence, she's complaining that having to Uber to work is somehow less expensive than parking your own car there. We don't even need a calculator to say how bad that seems.

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For all intents and purposes, it would be easier to drive one's self to work, but having to pay for parking is an absurd expense that no one should have to be subject to at their own place of work. Is it any wonder why Sarah quit her job after posting this video?

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Sarah didn't exactly share numbers or stats, which would have been helpful in having a fuller picture of her plight. However, other folks had their own horror stories about having to pay to park at work.

One commenter claimed that they have to pay $30 a day to park at their job.

Another TikToker even said that as a remote employee, $55 was still taken out of their paycheck for parking that they weren't even using.

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Naturally, TikTok isn't the only place with complaints. In a thread in the r/nursing subreddit, several nurses had the same complaints that Sarah teased in her parking conundrums.

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Some claimed that they had to pay over $110 a month for parking at their university hospital, which likely used some of the extra funds for sports expenses.

Another Redditor complained about having to pay $40 a day at the time to park in a parking garage for work.

When they say that some people are too poor to even work, this is exactly the kind of thing that they're referring to.

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