Private Investigator Believes O.J. Simpson's Son Is the Real Killer — and Claims to Have the Murder Weapon (EXCLUSIVE)

"Well I have Jason's diaries where he says 'I cut away all my problems with a knife.' I have the murder weapon."

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Apr. 12 2024, Updated 1:58 p.m. ET

Ron Goldman; Nicole Brown Simpson
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Ron Goldman; Nicole Brown Simpson

It's impossible to explain the significance of the O.J. Simpson verdict to anyone who wasn't a fully formed human being in October 1995. This was a complicated case that was coming on the heels of incredible racial unrest in the city of Los Angeles. It had only been three years since the brutal beating of Rodney King, a Black man, by members of the Los Angeles Police Department. Those officers were acquitted, which kicked off the Los Angeles riots in May 1992.

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When you consider this, and the racist remarks of Los Angeles Police Detective Mark Fuhrman who was investigating the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, it was undoubtedly a recipe for a not guilty verdict. No one trusted the Los Angeles Police Department, and they had good reason not to. One theory has been put forth by a private detective who followed the case from the start. Distractify spoke with William Dear about why he believes the killer is actually Simpson's oldest son.

One man believes O.J. Simpson's son was responsible for the murders.

Dear has devoted much of his career to the idea that Simpson's son, Jason Simpson, is actually the killer. When asked about the most compelling evidence he has, Dear told us, "Well I have Jason's diaries where he says, 'I cut away my problems with a knife.'"

Dear then revealed that he has possession of what he believes to be the knife used to kill Nicole and Goldman. "Two of the top experts in the country who deal with knife wounds, feel it was the murder weapon," said Dear.

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Jason and Arnelle Simpson listens to opening arguments on Jan. 26, 1995
Source: Getty Images

He then referenced an incident from December 1992 when Jason was arrested after attacking his then-employer with a knife. According to UPI, court documents showed that Jason assaulted restaurant owner Paul Goldberg. Not only did Jason threaten him with a knife, but he hit him using his hands and feet.

Jason was then charged with "three felony counts of assault and battery but pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace." He received two years probation and 10 days of community service.

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A friend of Dear's bought a storage unit that Jason was previously renting but owed money on. Inside it was several boxes of his things which included but weren't limited to the aforementioned diaries and knife as well as pictures of Jason wearing a knit cap similar to one authorities found at the crime scene.

In these pictures, Jason is next to his dog. The knit cap at the crime scene had traces of human and canine hair, but it was never tested for DNA. Dear says the police have no interest in testing the cap now.

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Dear's other evidence can be found in his self-published book, O.J. Is Guilty, but Not of Murder, released in November 2000. The book touches on Jason's previous diagnosis of intermittent rage disorder, for which he was prescribed Depakote.

Jason had also allegedly physically assaulted two ex-girlfriends. "He [Jason] grabbed me and pinned me down on the bathroom floor. Then he grabbed for my braids. He started whacking off my hair with his chef's knife," says one woman in the book.

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That same woman told Dear that two months before the murders, Jason told her he was no longer taking his medication. Apparently, it messed with his head. Dear thinks that Simpson took the blame for his son, and spent decades covering up for him. "I'm a father to two sons," Dear told us. "I don't know what I would do."

William Dear also believes Simpson was framed by Los Angeles police.

In January 2012, Philip Vannatter passed away at the age of 70. Per The New York Times, the cause of death was cancer. Much of his obituary is dedicated to his controversial involvement in Simpson's case.

He was one of the first detectives on the scene and as lead investigator, was tasked with telling Simpson what happened. Dear believes Vannatter was involved in framing the former football player.

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Los Angeles Police Detective Philip Vannatter points to the blood drops found at O.J. Simpson's estate during testimony in Los Angeles
Source: Getty Images

Simpson's defense team relied heavily on the shoddy police work of the Los Angeles Police Department. They mishandled evidence which in turn allowed for potential contamination. Dear spoke with the nurse who drew Simpson's blood while he was in jail. At the time of the interview, the nurse had been a medical professional for 37 years.

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He told Dear that Vannatter insisted on being handed the vial of blood, which wasn't protocol. Later, the idea of planting Simpson's blood on the scene was suggested by the defense.

This wouldn't be out of character for the Los Angeles Police Department who three years before these murders, had brutally beaten Rodney King. That assault was caught on camera which was the catalyst for the Los Angeles Riots. Those cops were acquitted and after the Simpson trial, the Rampart Scandal revealed even more corruption in that department.

In April 2024, O.J. Simpson passed away at the age of 76 after a battle with cancer. It's unclear what this will do for Dear's ongoing investigation. Perhaps it will move the needle in the direction he wants.

What we do know is that Simpson's death isn't going to stop Dear from going after Jason. "I'm willing to do this because I believe in justice," said Dear.

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