The “OMG You’re So Pretty" Trend on TikTok Encourages Users to Skip Makeup and Filters

Stephanie Harper - Author

Mar. 23 2022, Published 5:49 p.m. ET

People are starting to appreciate the honesty and vulnerability that come from revealing what you truly look like without makeup and filters. While a lot of social media users still prefer to film their content with full faces of makeup and a couple of cute filters added on top, a new trend on TikTok is working toward breaking all of those barriers.

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There’s nothing wrong with ensuring your highest level of confidence by filming content when you look your absolute best, but the “Omg You’re So Pretty” trend is making waves these days for a reason.

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What’s the “OMG You’re So Pretty" trend on TikTok all about?

The “OMG You’re So Pretty" trend gives TikTokers a chance to reveal what they look like with full makeup and filters before showing the world their natural appearance. There’s no doubting the fact that this trend is opening the door to criticism from trolls and haters, but the users who are choosing to participate are clearly willing to deal with any minor repercussions anyway. Receiving a few hateful comments isn’t enough to tear these people down.

The background song used for this trend is called “444-Jah,” and it takes a couple of lines from a song titled “Drama" by Roy Woods featuring Drake. The reason this song was chosen is that the lyrics by Roy say, “Girl, that’s not me.” In other words, it’s the perfect way for people to poke fun at how differently they look with makeup and filters compared to their natural appearance.

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TikTok commenters are mostly super supportive of the 'OMG You're So Pretty" trend.

The people who are choosing to participate in the “OMG You’re So Pretty" trend on TikTok are obviously confident enough with themselves to showcase how they look with or without all the glitz and glam. Makeup and filters can make a huge difference before posting content.

However, there are a some people in the comment sections who are having a hard time getting on board.

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A lot of haters are labeling the ladies using this trend as catfishes since they think the makeup-free look is too vastly different from the glammed up look.

Regardless of a few negative comments, there’s also a lot of positive feedback pouring in too. One user wrote, “Literally nobody looks the same without makeup. It’s still you and you look good AF either way."

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Another user wrote, “This is my favorite trend because it shows how social media can be morphed and perfected to create a ‘desirable’ image." Another user commented, “I love this trend this because it really puts things in perspective about people looking perfect all the time on social media.”

The vulnerability and honesty of the “OMG You’re So Pretty" trend is what really stands out the most. In reality, no one looks the exact same way they look when they’re posing for a perfect picture or video on social media. Human beings are naturally flawed, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This trend sheds light on the fact that imperfections can be considered beautiful too.

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