A TikToker Was Falsely Accused of Stealing From Dillard's and She Documented the Entire Scandal

Stephanie Harper - Author

Mar. 23 2022, Published 12:40 p.m. ET

An unfortunate and upsetting incident just took place inside a Dillard's department store in Louisiana. A young woman named Karla Marlenne Sanchez was out for a typical shopping spree with her mother-in-law when something incredibly frustrating happened.

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Imagine showing up to a store wearing your favorite Louis Vuitton purse on your arm, and then being accused of stealing that very purse. That's exactly what happened to Karla. According to her TikTok, she was absolutely terrified. Here's what happened.

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Why was this TikToker accused of stealing?

Karla starts off her story by explaining to her followers that she was handcuffed, detained, and read her Miranda rights by a law enforcement official who was accusing her of stealing a Louis Vuitton purse at a Dillard's department store. The fact of the matter is that the purse she was accused of stealing actually already belonged to her — and she was wearing it when she walked in the store.

Fortunately for Karla, her mother-in-law was present and able to record the entire incident from start to finish. If her mother-in-law hadn’t been there, who knows how much messier this situation could’ve gotten. Her mother-in-law was also able to call Karla's husband down to the scene as well.

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It all began when Karla noticed that one of Dillard's Louis Vuitton purses in stock matched the one she was already wearing. She briefly picked it up to check it out before putting it back down in its place.

She had no idea that picking up that matching purse for a quick look would create a domino effect of terrifying measures. As Karla and her mother-in-law tried to leave the Dillard's department store, they were chased by cops who told her she was about to go to jail for shoplifting.

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Karla was confused by the entire situation because all the Louis Vuitton purses were chained down which means there was no possible way she could have stolen one without sounding the alarms.

When the police officer was guiding her back through the store, she looked over and saw that none of the inventory was missing. She couldn’t understand why she was about to be arrested when it was clear that none of the purses had been removed from their places.

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Here’s what happened next at Dillard’s department store.

Karla began to grow increasingly concerned about her DACA status since she’s classified as a Dreamer who renews her work permit every two years in order to continue living on American soil. Getting in trouble with the law could severely threaten her chances of staying in the United States.

What made the situation even more frustrating is that the store employees and law enforcement officials weren’t willing to give Karla a chance to prove that she owned the purse on her arm. She not only had a receipt proving her previous purchase of the Louis Vuitton bag, but she also had multiple pictures of herself wearing the bag over the last few months.

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The entire situation would’ve come to a speedy conclusion if the store employees and law enforcement officials reviewed the surveillance footage sooner than later.

They would have rapidly seen that Karla entered Dillard's with her Louis Vuitton purse on her arm to begin with. Karla explained that the entire time she was being detained and accused of theft, she was in tears.

Hundreds of shocked people in Karla's TikTok comment section have encouraged her to seek legal counsel. The good news is that Karla already has a lawyer who’s going to stand up for her and handle this inappropriate case accordingly.

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