The Original Demon in 'The Seven Deadly Sins' Isn't Exactly a New Character (SPOILERS)

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Jun. 29 2021, Published 6:22 p.m. ET

the seven deadly sins
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Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Seven Deadly Sins.

Even though the manga and anime for The Seven Deadly Sins are over, there were a few new characters in the final season of the Netflix show that are very important to the plot. One of those is called the Original Demon. Although this name may imply that this is the very first demon in existence, that's not exactly the case.

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It turns out that fans have known the Original Demon in a particular way for some time now, although this is the first time we're seeing him in his true form. Keep reading to find out who he is exactly and how he came to be.

Who is the Original Demon?

Those who have been watching The Seven Deadly Sins for a few seasons know that Meliodas and his brother Zeldris have had mentors in the form of powerful high-ranking demons Chandler and Cusack. It turns out that these two are the two halves that make up what is the Original Demon.

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Chandler and Cusack
Source: Netflix

When he was first created by the Demon King, the Original Demon was one being. However, over time he became resentful of the king and tried to rebel to take over the throne for himself. That attempt failed and, as a punishment, the Demon King split the Original Demon's body and soul into two parts.

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These two halves were loyal to the king and they still retained their memories from when they were one being. Chandler became Meliodas's mentor while Cusack mentored Zeldris. They both want their mentee to be the next Demon King. When the Original Demon is back together, this creates a conflict inside him.

How strong is the Original Demon?

Although it's never said exactly why the Demon King created the Original Demon to begin with, we do know that he was created with some of the king's power. This means that in terms of power, he is second only to the king himself. According to the Seven Deadly Sins Fandom, the Original was the king's most trusted retainer and was allowed to rule over the Underworld.

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The Demon King
Source: Netflix

Because the Original Demon was so powerful, Chandler and Cusack are extremely powerful as well and keep high ranks within the Demon Clan. When they fuse back together, the memories of being two parts are still there. This causes some issues within the Original Demon's singular personality. Chander is still devoted to Meliodas while Cusack still wants to fight for Zeldris to become the next king.

Zeldris initially believed that he was more worthy to become the next Demon King as opposed to Meliodas because it was Meliodas who betrayed the Demon Clan in order to be with Elizabeth of the Goddess race. But Zeldris eventually agrees to help Meliodas become king if he frees the love of his life, a vampire named Gelda. He had believed that all the vampires had died, but Meliodas eventually tells him that Gelda is still alive and will free her when he is king.

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