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Can You Earn Tokens in 'Overwatch League' by Binge-Watching Reruns?


Overwatch League made a big splash in the gaming community when it debuted, from new teams across the U.S. and the different ways fans can view matches (iOS, Android, apps, Twitch, and the website), to the slew of top talent performing remarkable feats of virtual prowess. And now, we have the new in-game currency that has everyone talking: tokens. 

Fans especially want to know how they can nab this sweet digital loot, and if viewing reruns of matches is a viable way of earning themselves some coin.

Can you earn tokens by watching reruns in Overwatch League?

There's been a lot of confusion online by fans as to how they can earn tokens in OW, specifically when it pertains to the league, and it's been this way for a while. A reddit post dated a year ago shed a bit of light on the token-earning process.