'Flip or Flop Nashville's' Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins Are Friends Despite Their Breakup

Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins have a good friendship. While the 'Flip or Flop Nashville' stars dated in the past, they have respect for one another.

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Mar. 4 2021, Published 5:03 p.m. ET

'Flip or Flop Nashville's Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins
Source: HGTV

For some people, there’s nothing worse than having to work with an ex. And depending on what you do for a living, you may have to bite the bullet for the sake of your job. While most people prefer to steer clear of their exes due to a nasty breakup or simply not wanting to be around them, that’s not the case for Flip or Flop Nashvilles Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins.

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While both Page and DeRon have been open about dating each other in the past, the two seem to have a very good business relationship. After all, they do say that money can solve a lot of problems and ease any issues. However, since the two seem to have no ill will toward each other, fans have become even more intrigued with their relationship.

Keep reading to learn all about how the former exes are able to work with one another. 

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Page and DeRon both say that they have the utmost respect for each other.

It goes without saying that most people would prefer to avoid their ex at all costs. And while some people believe that exes can’t be friends or even work together — especially after a long-term relationship — the Flip or Flop Nashville hosts are making it work.

Per Us Weekly, the pair is able to work together because they respect each other. “The secret is respect and trust. We respect each other,” DeRon tells the publication. “We feel like we both are at the top of our craft. We work well together as far as trusting. I know what she’s gonna do, she knows what I’m gonna do. Our expectations of each other are very realistic. We make it work.”

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And we can definitely see why they make a great team. Since DeRon is a contractor and Page is a licensed real estate broker, it’s easy for the two to see eye-to-eye.

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“We work off of each other really well,” Page told HGTV. “I know exactly what makes him tick, he knows exactly what makes me tick and we get all the work done.”

Page and DeRon were coupled up for a long time.

It can be said that Page and DeRon are the gold standard for how to deal with your ex. And while some people are hoping that the two will explore dating one another again, their relationship was not the best situation. 

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The two initially started dating after meeting 10 years ago. Page was showing a home and she bumped into DeRon the contractor and there was an instant attraction. Then they quickly started dating.

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And while things were good between the two at first, their relationship ultimately took a turn.

“But then our relationship changed, and we didn’t work as well together in that capacity,” Page said. “But we still worked really well together as far as building homes and selling homes and rehabbing homes went. So we continued our working relationship.”

Page also shared that their breakup wasn’t filled with any drama. They were able to split amicably and maintain a friendship. “We didn’t have this huge blow-up where we just stopped speaking and all that drama,” she said. “We still work together well and make money. We said, ‘Let’s do that.'"

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Fans are upset that 'Flip or Flop Nashville' Season 3 has been stalled.

There's no argument that Flip or Flop Nashville is a must-watch for those who love all things real estate and home renovation. And since the dynamic of Page and DeRon's relationship plays a role in the show, fans have become even more enamored with them both. 

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That said, fans have been in an uproar since Season 3 has yet to air. And because HGTV has not made an official announcement of the show coming back to our screens, fans believe that the show has been canceled.

While it wouldn't make sense to cancel the show after two successful seasons, fans are thinking the worst since the network has been silent. Many viewers are saying that HGTV needs more representation and taking away Flip or Flop Nashville wasn't a smart move.

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With that said, fans may want to wait before jumping to conclusions. After all, many shows have been stalled or delayed because of COVID-19 and then resumed later on.

HGTV can easily announce a release date for Flip or Flop Nashville Season 3 at any time. So, until then, fans will have to settle and watch re-runs of old episodes. 

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