Parent Says They Had to Pay for Food at a Kid's Birthday Party

One parent on social media shared that they had to pay for food at a kid's birthday party and folks are wondering why that was the case.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jul. 19 2023, Published 1:13 p.m. ET

There are a few expectations as a parent bringing a child to a kid's birthday party. For starters, parents think that their child will be able to interact with other kids. Not to mention, there will be endless amounts of candy, food, and more for children and parents to enjoy.

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And of course, taking your child to a kid's birthday party will result in them being burned out and tired from having so much fun. In fact, some parents count on a party to help mellow out their child so they can tend to chores in the home undisturbed.

That said, one TikTok parent has left the community stunned after they revealed that they had to pay for food at a kid's birthday party. Here’s the full scoop.

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A parent on TikTok said that they had to pay for food at a kid's birthday party.

It’s safe to say the parent/host has some explaining to do. In a July 18, 2023, TikTok user Bougie White Trash (@bougiewhitetrash) shared a video of their experience as a parent having to pay for food at a kid’s birthday party that took place at Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company.

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“I forgot to get a picture of the hot dog station,” the caption on the video reads.

As the video starts, text on the video reads, “I took my kid to a birthday party. Adults had to pay $9.99 each since the pizza buffet is mandatory.”

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A photo of an unappetizing buffet bar is shown with banana pudding, pasta salad, tuna salad, and two trays whose contents look a bit unclear.

As the video progresses, the creator gives folks a walk-through of the pizza bar that looks ridiculously bare. Interestingly, the parent then shared a photo of a suspect-looking tray of apple cobbler.

After giving folks a full rundown on the meal choices, the creator explained that they opted for saltine crackers. So, how exactly does your child get invited to a kid's party and you have to pay for the food? Not to mention, you also bring a gift.

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TikTok users are horrified by the meal choices and the parent having to pay for the food.

I think we can all agree that paying for food at a kid’s birthday party is a bit asinine. After all, it’s custom for kid's parties to be a free for all — within reason of course — for the attendees.

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That said, the host decided to switch things up and charge for food. And while most folks don't mind paying for food, the problem is that TikTok users believe that the food offered was less than adequate in every way, shape, and form.

“I knew it was the one in Conroe. My standards are low but dang was it bad when we went a few years ago,” one person shared.

“Banana pudding with fish flakes, so delicious! Also, who wouldn’t want a radioactive cobbler? I hear you have invisibility powers afterward 😂,” another user jokingly shared.

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“You can call that 'thing' at the end a lot of things. 'Apple cobbler' is not one of them 🤢,” another person chimed in.

Some folks indeed have nothing but audacity. And while the party host didn’t make the food, they could have tried to offer other options that look appetizing. Let this be a lesson and make sure to plan your food menu appropriately for your parties.

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