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15 Seemingly Harmless Parenting Mistakes With Big Consequences


The only guarantee parents can rely on is that, at some point, they're going to screw up and feel like a failure. It's probably a small comfort to know you're not alone — even the most supportive and well-meaning parents will at some point do something to put their kids in therapy. 

The trouble is, it's often the small mistakes that barely register. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, users named some of the parenting mistakes that seem inconsequential but can lead to major problems down the road. 

Being too attentive

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Nobody's suggesting you should completely ignore your kids, but it can be just as bad to make them your whole world, says DBianco87 whose mom "quit having her own life the moment my brother and I were born." While she was seemingly the ideal mother, not having her own interests and friendships made her focus far too much on her kids' performance in every aspect of life. Eventually, DBianco87 felt so smothered, they were driven to enlist just to get some distance. "To this day I often feel like I'm a bad person who failed to live up to her love," they say.