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Source: Bravo

'Southern Charm' Stars Patricia and Kathryn Are Friends Now, and We Are Shook


Southern Charm is back, y'all! Season 6 premiered on Wednesday, and there's already so much drama! Here's what went down in the Southern Charm Season 6 premiere: Patricia Altschul hosts a dinner party, where we learn Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sulder-Smith (Patricia's son!) may have hooked up. Chelsea Meissner eventually asks Whitney about it, and he gives a shady "nope." Thomas Ravenel's charges of assault and battery are brought up, unsurprisingly. 

We're also introduced to Eliza Limehouse, who is wonderfully insufferable. She says things like "I now know how old people feel crippled," since she's worn out from a polo match. Kathryn is mad at Eliza because Eliza has allegedly spread vicious lies about her. All in all, very eventful first episode! 

Let's rewind: What's going on with Patricia Altschul?