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Source: Bravo

Whatever Happened to Jenna King From 'Southern Charm'? She's Doing Just Fine


A new season of Bravo’s Southern Charm premieres on May 15 led by OG cast members Shep Rose, Craig Conover, and Cameran Eubanks. These three are the only ones to survive all six years of the show, though there’s at least one alum fans are dying to see again.

Jenna King hasn’t appeared on the series since Season 1, but her unconventional style and loud personality made her unforgettable in viewers’ eyes. In fact, fans still wonder what happened to the South Carolina native after she left reality TV behind. Scroll down to see what the 34-year-old is up to now.

Why did Jenna leave Southern Charm?

The Mohawk-loving beauty decided to move from Charleston to Los Angeles in 2014. Based on her social media accounts, it looks like she spends most of her time traveling. 

Source: Instagram

Though Jenna clearly has a desire to see the world, her departure from South Carolina might have had something to do with her ex-boyfriend, Lou Ceruzzi. The wealthy property developer, who sadly died in 2017, denied claims that he was a "sugar daddy," but Jenna later admitted that he helped fund her lavish lifestyle.

Following her exit, it was also discovered that, unlike her castmates, she did not come from an affluent background and that the four-bedroom home she claimed to own on the show was actually rented by the production crew. It sounds like Jenna grew tired of living a lie.

Jenna doesn’t have a boyfriend … she has a girlfriend!

The once aspiring fashion designer has been dating her Brazilian girlfriend, Janaina Devieira, for a long time and frequently posts photos of her on Instagram. 

Source: Instagram

While Jenna refers to Janaina as her "wifey" on the image-sharing platform, there’s no indication that the duo is legally married. Next to a picture of the couple kissing, Jenna wrote, "Our hobbies include Fake Fighting and trying to make each other jealous."

What is Jenna King’s net worth?

According to celebritynetworth.com, Jenna has about $300,000 in the bank. It’s unclear how she makes most of her money since she doesn’t appear to share sponsored posts on social media, but the world traveler is certainly doing well for herself.

In 2015, Jenna revealed that she underwent an AirSculpt Laser Lipsculpture procedure to become a size 00. "I’ve probably lost, like, 20 pounds," she told The Insider when they did a segment on the painless beauty treatment. 

Source: Instagram

Jenna was also working on a line of sunglasses and gloves while appearing on Southern Charm, but it doesn’t look like that business venture succeeded. 

Though she isn’t experiencing a shortage of cool adventures, Jenna could have benefited from sticking to her reality TV gig. Shep and Cameran are both worth over $1 million and boast huge social media followings. They apparently make over $25,000 an episode, which totals close to $500,000 a season.

Watch Shep, Cameran, and their co-stars stir up drama on Season 6 of Southern Charm starting May 15 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo and keep up with Jenna via her Instagram account, @jennaking143