TikTok Creator Pranked His Parents by Covering Kitchen Entirely in Peanut Butter

Kelly Corbett - Author

Mar. 2 2023, Published 11:05 a.m. ET

Who remembers when Jim Halpert put Dwight Schrute’s stapler in jello on The Office? That prank was genius on Jim’s part, but likely tedious to execute. In fact, tutorial videos have since been created to walk fans through the steps, and let’s just say that encapsulating someone’s office supplies in gelatin is a lot easier said than done. Jim definitely had a lot of patience.

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And while it was funny, the aftermath probably wasn’t that rosy for Dwight. I mean, his stapler probably reeked of lemon jello for weeks. While it was a legendary prank that was fun to watch, I truthfully would never want to be on either end of it.

A prank that recently went viral on TikTok is giving me that same feeling. While I've watched the video endlessly and shared it with my friends, I would never want to be involved in this type of shenanigan. Oof!

skippy peanut butter
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A TikTok creator pranked his parents by covering the kitchen entirely in peanut butter.

A TikTok creator named Corbin (@corbinnmillet) is going viral for completely coating his parents' kitchen in peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter. In the 9-second clip, which has garnered over 39 million views, he shows what his folks' kitchen looked like before and after the nutty makeover.

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Not even my kitchen and I’m already mad," one person wrote in the comments. “Why would you do that?” another person wondered.

Other viewers reckoned that Corbin was going to be disowned and written out of his family's will. Overall, it seemed more users were confused why Corbin would go to such drastic lengths for a prank rather than impressed with his ingenuity.

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Corbin posted a follow-up video in which he once again showed the peanut butter–covered kitchen, but this time around, we saw his father's reaction. “Corbin!" his father is heard yelling before running up the stairs to find his son. "We're going to get ants!"

TikTok creator @corbinnmillet is known for his extreme at-home pranks.

If you browse Corbin's other videos, you'll see that this wasn't the first time he played an exorbitant, headache-inducing prank on his family. His page contains a plethora of videos of his at-home hijinks. In one video, he replaced his parents' orange juice with macaroni and cheese. In another, iced tea was swapped out for hot dog water.

Clearly, Corbin likes to incorporate food in his jests.

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But get this: After giving his parents' kitchen the peanut butter treatment, he did the same in their bathroom. Yikes!

He also covered the kitchen entirely in tin foil.

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As of this writing, the TikTok video of Corbin covering his parents' kitchen in peanut butter remains his most viewed and most popular antic. But who knows what he'll cook up next? Given that he's still sharing prank videos, it seems his parents haven't blown their tops off yet.

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