Conservative YouTuber Pearl Davis Has Misogynistic Views on Marriage — So... Is *She* Married?

"Feminists have ruined marriage for the people who actually believe in marriage," Pearl once stated.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Apr. 23 2024, Published 11:53 a.m. ET

Let's get one thing clear: Feminism has always been about choice. The movement has never been out to restrict women's life choices down to particular lifestyles. It's only ever been there as a movement to allow folks to live and love and thrive without their actions or choices being skewed by cis-male perspectives, which have long dominated the conversation throughout history. Unfortunately, some people have garnered a following for fighting against the word itself without understanding the concept.

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Enter Pearl Davis, a popular political YouTuber and TikToker who has built her platform on misogyny and antiquated views of women's roles in society. She first rose to prominence in 2020 for her active participation in the "manosphere" community, an internet subculture that promotes toxic masculinity. The conservative influencer has opened up several debates on feminism, particularly for her views on traditional marriage.

However, her opinions have led many to wonder if she herself is married.

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Is YouTuber Pearl Davis married? The answer is kind of hilarious.

Some folks advocate for the legalization of same-sex marriage in various parts of the world in an effort to allow folks to express their love safely and freely. Meanwhile, Pearl Davis has been an open supporter of marriages strictly between a man and a woman, despite the fact that such marriages are legal in almost any country found on a continent. Among her many problematic views, Pearl fights strongly for the idea that women should be wholly reliant on men, with that reliance epitomized by marriage.

"Feminists have ruined marriage for the people who actually believe in marriage," she once stated in an interview with Piers Morgan.

In the same interview, she also argued against the idea of divorce, urging anyone who "believes in divorce" to be in a long-term relationship and get back to her on it. She also believes that husbands should have complete financial control in marriage over their wives.

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Those are some pretty bold statements to have over marriage in 2024. But her claims have led many to ask whether or not she's married herself. Shockingly enough, she isn't — and plenty of folks have called her out on it.

As of this writing, Pearl is not married, nor does she seem to be in a relationship. Of course, Feminism 101 states that she shouldn't be judged for not being married. But for someone who thinks that all women should be consigned to heterosexual marriages, it's very ironic.

Pearl has also stated on her TikTok that if a woman is 35 and unmarried, she will become less likely to get married at all. If she's 30 in not in a relationship, then she probably won't have kids. She's also claimed that it takes about three years for a woman to convince a man to marry her.

As of 2024, Pearl is 27 years old. So by our math and her rules, she's got eight years before she fails her own outlandish standards on marriage.

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