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Social Media Users Are Launching New Petitions to Keep TikTok up and Running



A set of new petitions are calling on social media users to come together and stand up against the rumored ban on TikTok. Published on in early July, one form was signed by 46,750 people and counting. Many consider the petitions as a necessary step against a potential crackdown on the ever-popular social media platform. However, they did trigger a minor backlash, leading some to claim that there are more important petitions to sign than those aimed at keeping TikTok up and running. 

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Several new petitions to keep TikTok are making the rounds on social media.

One of the most popular petitions encouraging social media users and everyday people to let their voices be heard and defend TikTok was signed by as many as 46,750 people.

Started by a user named Nickolas Ray, Keep TikTok in the US garnered unprecedented popularity among devoted TikTok users and beyond. 

Source: Twitter
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The petition, Keep tiktok in the United States, turned out to be similarly successful. The form, originally published by user, Summer Rasberry, was signed by 26,172 people.

During an appearance on the Monday, July 6 episode of The Ingraham Angle, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed that the Trump administration is considering taking action against TikTok. 

"We're taking this very seriously. We're certainly looking at it," the secretary of state remarked, before adding that "With respect to Chinese apps on peoples' cell phones I can assure you the United States will get this one right too," he said. 

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Source: Twitter

"I don't want to get it out in front of the president but it's something we're looking at," the secretary of state added. 

Upon being asked about whether he would advise people to download the hotly debated app, he remarked that "only if [they] want [their] private information in the hands of the Chinese government."

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The interview went live just days after the Indian government announced a new ban on TikTok on Monday, June 29 alongside 58 other Chinese-owned apps. Around the same time, an Australian MP, George Christensen, made new allegations against TikTok, claiming that it is "used and abused" by the Communist Party of China. 

Source: Twitter
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A new survey launched to ban TikTok is gaining traction as well.

TikTok users are increasingly worried that the app will be shut down by the Trump administration. Many rely on the app to promote their art, dancing, or singing skills. As they claim, losing TikTok would have a detrimental effect on its millions of loyal users. However, not everyone thinks that petitions are the best-suited way to take a stance against the potential ban. 

Some argue that there are more important issues to fight for. 

"y’all fighting to keep tiktok but didn’t have this energy to protest and sign petitions?" tweeted a person. 

"If some of y'all are more willing to sign a petition to keep tiktok around than you are to give justice to Breyonna Taylor or Elijah McClain i want you to fix your f--king priorities. its an app. chill," wrote another person. 

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Source: Twitter

However, the petitions to keep TikTok up and running aren't the most controversial topic fuelling the current discussions. The Trump campaign launched a new social media ad calling on Instagram and Facebook users to stand up for their privacy and join in on the fight against TikTok.

According to Bloomberg, the ads take social media users to a separate survey where they get the chance to have a say on whether TikTok should be banned — once they have their provided personal information including their email address and phone number. 

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