So, Um, Did TikTok Witches Really Hex the Moon, or…?

A rumor that “baby witches” attempted to hex the moon started on TikTok and eventually made the jump to mainstream Twitter. But is it true?

Abi Travis - Author

Jul. 20 2020, Updated 3:49 p.m. ET

tiktok witches hex the moon
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At this point, we kind of like to think we’ve become somewhat inured to all that 2020 has had to offer us. Pandemics, murder hornets, Kanye running for president — it’s like, we get it, 2020. You’re having a moment. And yet, somehow, the year has still managed to surprise us with yet another bad, weird thing. Obviously, we’re talking about TikTok witches hexing the moon.

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What’s that? You hadn’t heard about that one? Well, settle in for quite the ride, friend, ‘cause the moon-hexing has happened. Kind of. Allow us to explain.

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TikTok witches claim they put a hex on the moon.

Now, we realize that saying “TikTok witches hexed the moon” is kind of a lot for some people to handle, so we’re going to break it down into its constituent parts. First: TikTok witches. These aren’t teens who are spookily good at TikTok. They are people who consider themselves to be actual witches, and who actively participate in WitchTok (TikTok’s witch community). Regardless of whether you personally believe in witchcraft, TikTok witches practice it and take it very seriously.

Which brings us to the next part: hexing the moon. So, apparently, there’s a rumor that a small group of “baby witches” (inexperienced witches) decided to hex the moon. That’s not a code phrase for anything. The theory is they tried to literally hex the literal moon. In the sky. 

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Actually, the first rumor about this particular group of four baby witches is that they hexed (or tried to hex) the fae / fair folk. As you can probably imagine, hexing the fae or the moon is very frowned upon by the witchcraft community. Both are entities that many witches consider to be sacred, powerful and even dangerous. 

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The latest theory is that after hexing the fae and the moon, this group of baby witches is now hinting that they’ll be hexing the sun next. And as we’re sure you’ve already guessed, hexing the sun is also a very bad idea, according to witches.

Anyway, the rumor of these hexing baby witches started out on WitchTok, but it quickly spread to Twitter and soon started to infiltrate the feeds of everyday people who generally stay out of witchcraft discussions. For whatever reason, though, this particular rumor really took off on mainstream Twitter. Reactions were divided between people who seemed to take the apparent danger at face value and those who couldn’t resist poking fun at the people who take it seriously.

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From what we can tell, the general consensus seems to be that 1) The moon is OK, but 2) the deities associated with the moon are very mad, so 3) those baby witches are in trouble. According to one Twitter thread (which, by the way, does a great job of explaining this whole thing), “if the gods are merciful, [the witches’] hex will be sent back to them AND they will be hexed BY the gods. Yeah, that’s mercy. If there’s no mercy? A curse. Lifelong, at least. Probably on their bloodline.” Yikes.

So, yeah. That’s what’s going on with the TikTok witches and the moon. If you start to feel like something in your life is a little off, it could be because of this whole moon hexing thing. Or it could just be because it’s 2020 and all bets are off.

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