Here's Why The Ace Family From TikTok Has Been "Canceled"

Why is the Ace family from TikTok canceled? Here's everything you need to know regarding the infamous slap which ousted the famous TikTok family.

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jul. 27 2020, Updated 11:29 a.m. ET

TikTok stars are canceled all the time for their lack of judgment and occasional mishaps. Jenny Popach's social media career basically came to an end when she and her mother broke into the Hype House, for example, and Emmuhlu was (rightfully) ousted from the app when she said the n-word on-camera several times. 

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Likewise, it seems as though TikTok's beloved Ace family has been canceled after the father, Austin McBroom, slapped his 4-year-old daughter's butt.

Stay tuned for everything you need to know about the Ace family's latest controversial mishap that has driven them out of the spotlight and into the hot seat.

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Why is the Ace family canceled? Here's the tea:

The McBroom family (whom you most likely know as The Ace Family on TikTok) is currently under fire after father, Austin McBroom, made a particularly tasteless joke in a video. The original video, which appears to have been deleted from the app, shows Austin slapping the butt of his 4-year-old daughter, Elle, and uttering the phrase, “Oh, God damn."

Although the original video clip was deleted from the Ace family's TikTok account, it has since been reposted to Twitter by user @urmom031

Along with the clip, they wrote: "literally look at this video of austin mcbroom slapping his daughters but and then saying “oh god damn” idk about y’all but this just doesn’t sit right w me :/." Check it out for yourself below.

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Fans of the Ace family have had a lot to say about their latest mishap.

Understandably, viewers and fans alike were put off by the fact that Austin was sexualizing his own daughter and promoting misogyny in this oddly incestuous manner. Twitter user @nessaaa02 said: "I don’t care if you support the Ace family or whatever but can you explain why Austin slapped his little girls butt and saying “ oh god “ after ?? She also moved his hand showing she’s uncomfortable."

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Likewise, Twitter user @alexaromoo said "if u think the ace family is “goals," unfollow me rn'" and @LilSuziVert__ tweeted, "The Ace Family legit be making me sick! Like wtf." 

Needless to say, the family that many had deemed "goals" has received tremendous backlash from the entire TikTok community, and beyond.

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This isn't the Ace Family's first time getting "canceled."

At the end of 2019, rumors about Austin McBroom cheating on his wife ran rampant when YouTuber Cole Carrigan made a video that speculated why Catherine didn't attend Austin's birthday party. He went on to say one of his female friends called him crying, saying that Austin had raped her, and after tweeting about it, several women came out to say Austin had abused or assaulted them.

None of these incidents have been confirmed by Austin or the rest of his family, but needless to say, the stories about him are chilling, especially after seeing his latest creepy video. Hopefully the rest of the McBrooms are doing OK, but it seems as though their TikTok following is thinning out, to say the least. 

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