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Source: Twitter

70-Year-Old Physics Professor Goes Viral for His Amazing Demonstrations That Keep Kids Engaged


It makes a world of difference as a student when your teacher or professor is actually engaged in the material they are teaching you. Think back to when you were in the classroom last. Do you remember classes where professors stood at a podium in front of the class and droned on, practically reading from a textbook for an hour? Or are the classes that stick in your mind the ones in which professors captured your attention with interesting exercises and experiments that made the material tangible and interesting?

One fantastic physics professor went viral for doing just that. He may be in his 70s, but he approaches his classes with energy, enthusiasm, and visually stimulating demonstrations that illustrate physics principles and make the material that much easier to understand and retain. A student compiled videos of his demonstrations throughout the semester and shared them on Twitter so everyone could share in the joy of this man's class.