Pokimane's New Snack Line Has Come Under Fire For Its High Price

Sara Belcher - Author

Nov. 21 2023, Published 6:30 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Pokimane launched cookies under her new snack brand that quickly drew backlash.
  • The internet clapped back about the price and Pokimane called a follower "broke" for complaining.
  • She's since apologized for her comments and promised to consider ways to lower the cost for buyers.
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It's not uncommon for influencers to release their own product line that piggybacks off their large online following, and Pokimane is far from the first to release a line of "healthier" snacks. Though she's known for her Twitch streams, Pokimane decided to launch Myna, a snack brand aimed to bring delicious treats with feel-good ingredients to her followers, with the first product being Midnight Cookies.

It didn't take long before the internet found issue with her new line, starting some drama that has her viewers a bit mixed on their opinions.

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Pokimane called a viewer who complained about the cookies' price a "broke boy."

Unfortunately, like most influencer-led brands, the price point is a bit high, with one four-pack of the mini midnight cookies running the buyer $28. For those not good at math, this means each bag is $7.

It didn't take long for the brand to bring Pokimane some backlash, with many calling out how the snacks' cost alienates a lot of potential buyers. In response to a viewer commenting about the price during a stream, this is what she said:

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"It makes my brain kaboom when people are like, ‘Oh my god, $28 for cookies.’ It’s four bags. That’s seven dollars a bag. I know, I know math is hard when you’re an idiot, but like, if you’re a broke boy just say so," she said. "Anyways, moving on. Moving on, moving on. If you wanna pay eight dollars for Twitter Blue, for some pixels, that’s OK! That’s fine. You spend your money how you want, I’ll spend mine how I want, and everyone else will spend theirs how they want."

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Understandably, this ired many viewers, who felt the comment made her sound out of touch with her followers.

"The way you were blessed with riches, it could easily be taken away. Stay humble, broke shaming ain’t it…" one Twitter user replied.

Others commented on how Pokimane's actions were pretty typical of influencers, though "her attitude sucks."

Pokimane backpedaled her comments, saying it was "100% intended to be a joke."

"I see why it came off as insensitive and I apologize for that," she continued. "I also understand the current price of the cookies may be expensive for some, and promise we’ll continue to consider pricing to keep Myna as affordable as possible."

Some rallied in Pokimane's defense, writing "if she was a cis man y’all would be laughing lol." Others weren't as ready to forgive and forget.

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"You’re out of touch here with the majority of people in a time where inflation has continued to climb," on Twitter user said, while another chimed in "That back track after the condescending laugh after is wild!"

Though her apology was not received well by everyone, Pokimane is continuing to stand behind her new brand, which she says she's been working on for two years now. Hopefully the next snack launch will go over a bit better than this one did.

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