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Study Says Being Pregnant Is Basically an Extreme Sport


I am terrified of being pregnant. When it's even a little bit too hot out, I get so uncomfortable I just want to give up on the day. I cannot imagine what the insane physical and hormonal changes of being pregnant would do to me. I've already warned my partner that if and when I am pregnant, I'm going to be a total nightmare. 

"Sorry I'm being a little rude. All my organs are being rearranged by the person I am growing inside of my body and have to carry around with me all day every day." That's going to be me. I just know it.

And it turns out, I will be totally justified in my attitude, because a new study has found that being pregnant is basically an extreme sport. It takes the same amount of endurance to bike the Tour de France as it does to gestate a human life. So when I'm pregnant, I'm going to put my feet up, and you better bring me all the chocolate and potato chips I want. 

Source: iStock Photo

This woman is basically running a marathon right now.