Preload 'Borderlands 3' Now Ahead of Its Official Release

‘Borderlands 3’ is just about to drop, and you can preload it now for early access – here's how to be ready to jump in-game on Sept. 13.


Apr. 15 2020, Updated 3:20 p.m. ET

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Source: Epic Games

It's almost time. Eager Borderlands 3 fans can now go ahead and start gearing up for the game's release when it drops on Sept. 13. But while that may be its official launch date, there are various times during which it can be preloaded for early access. In case that's confusing (and it very likely is), we've broken it down for you in a way that makes a bit more sense, in case your hype for Borderlands 3 is making things a bit hazy. Hey, we've been there. 

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Borderlands 3 is the third core entry in the action role-playing game series, and the fourth main title in the Borderlands saga overall. It's a "looter shooter," which means you can fly solo or work with other players to take on various missions, earn plenty of loot by completing missions and quests, and then level up from experience earned while working on said missions. In turn, you'll learn new skill points to use on a skill tree for four different characters. 

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How to preload Borderlands 3 for early access. 

On consoles, the Borderlands 3 release date is Sept. 13. That means for most, the game will be available beginning at midnight in local time zones. 

In North America, however, the game will launch at midnight eastern time, which means it will be up for grabs on Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. for anyone on the west coast on PDT. Get the game ready right now before it's time to unlock it and jump into the raucous world of Pandora with your buddies. 

This is essentially a way to gain "early access," but you'll also be able to preload the game up to 48 hours before it debuts. You can go ahead and do so right now, in fact, if you're itching to jump into the game as soon as it's unlocked for everyone. That way there's no downtime where you're sitting and waiting for anything to unlock and you can start playing as soon as humanly possible.

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PC players can start to preload now (as of Sept. 10), and console players can start downloading the game at midnight on Sept. 11. This means the game will be available on your platform of choice, but you won't be able to play it until it's been unlocked. At that point, once you've patiently waited long enough to travel to the world of Pandora, you'll be able to start blasting the bad guys in no time. 

Source: Epic Games

Ready to get out into Pandora (and beyond) and start causing all kinds of mayhem? Be sure to jump into the game with your friends when it's out in the wild and make a plan to try out all the new characters, check out all the goodies you can grab from all the defeated bad guys, and eventually tackle the new True Vault Hunter game mode for an even bigger challenge. There's a whole lot of Borderlands to see. 

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