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Source: Epic Games

Preload 'Borderlands 3' Now Ahead of Its Official Release


It's almost time. Eager Borderlands 3 fans can now go ahead and start gearing up for the game's release when it drops on Sept. 13. But while that may be its official launch date, there are various times during which it can be preloaded for early access. In case that's confusing (and it very likely is), we've broken it down for you in a way that makes a bit more sense, in case your hype for Borderlands 3 is making things a bit hazy. Hey, we've been there. 

Borderlands 3 is the third core entry in the action role-playing game series, and the fourth main title in the Borderlands saga overall. It's a "looter shooter," which means you can fly solo or work with other players to take on various missions, earn plenty of loot by completing missions and quests, and then level up from experience earned while working on said missions. In turn, you'll learn new skill points to use on a skill tree for four different characters.