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Source: epic games

Here's Where to Find All the Sky Platforms in Fortnite Season 9


Fornite Season 9 is upon us and if you want to hit the ground running you're probably gonna wanna know where all of the sky platforms are (a new feature for Season 9). It also won't hurt to know what the week 1 challenges are either so you can get a head start on completing those bad boys. As always, they're divided up into Free and Battle Pass (paid) challenges, which are broken down below.

The Sky Platforms of Fortnite Season 9

Seven floating platforms are scattered across the island that players can access after being dropped from the Airbus. Expect a ton of other players to head towards these platforms (as they'll be looking to complete the challenge). A few things to know about these Sky Platforms: the only weapons players will have access to are their pickaxes, but there are chests on the floating platforms, so keep that in mind.

Epic Games provided a handy-dandy map to all of the Sky Platform locations. They're circled in red and you can find them in Pleasant Park, Shifty Shafts, Lazy Lagoon, Dusty Divot, between Fatal Fields and Salty Springs, on the outskirts of Paradise Palms, and right near the Pressure Plant.