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25 Fornite Memes That'll Have You Doing Orange Justice



It's tough for me, an old fogey, to understand a lot of hype around Fortnite. I get the basics: it's a popular Battle Royale game that tons of people play. But that's about it. I don't understand it when people are talking about Heavy AR strategies in the game, or what the newest Lil Kev challenge is.

Then there are the "skins," which are easy enough to understand but I can't for the life of me get the uber-excitement that's generated behind the newest crop of NFL Skins, or what a "Hunting Party" skin is either. I'm totally lost.

What I'm not lost on, however, are the Fortnite memes that are coming out of this game. Sure, they're filled with tons of inside jokes, but I've got to admit that I find these hilarious, even with my limited knowledge of the game.

1. Spongebob can be related to anything.

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I've watched Twitch streamers who play the game a lot get surprised in the worst ways, I'm sure this hits home for many Fortnite players.

2. Overly confident.

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There's nothing worse than an overconfident teammate who really has no idea what they're doing. Bonus points for hating yourself right after you die and you wonder aloud, "Why the hell do I ever listen to you?" Because you don't have a better idea, get one, nerd.

3. OG

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Never did a balloon mean so much to me than in this Mario Kart 64 game. Side note: can we talk about how this iteration of the game is probably the best of all time?

4. I don't remember this episode of "Magic School Bus..."

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Imagine all the kids paragliding off the bus, screaming, "Yeet!" and doing the most god-awful dances in the world after landing on the ground.

5. Speaking of para-gliding.

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I don't know much about the Dusty Depot, but I do know there was a huge, virtual funeral service held there where 70+ people landed on the factory at the same time.

6. A beautiful accident.

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Just like Goldeneye's  multiplayer mode, the Battle Royale feature in Fortnite blew up in a way the game's developers probably hadn't predicted, but it hasn't stopped them from capitalizing on its popularity.

7. The controls struggle...

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Is real for any video game, especially if you've taken a brief hiatus for a couple of weeks and get back to playing. You need to give your muscle memory some time to readjust.

8. How they come up with costumes.

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It really is the only logical explanation. Also, we need to talk about mint chocolate anything. It's just... it's awful. Yes, the skeleton costume that corresponds with the ice cream flavor is cool, but mint chocolate is not, it needs to stop.

9. You know the addiction is real...

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When you start allowing it to seep into other aspects of your life, then you know you've got a problem. At least this student is being honest with themselves and is working on what is really going through their minds.

10. The game will help you flex for the gram.

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Honest, that's really a picture of my house I just have a Boost Mobile Android phone I swear to God.

11. Beginners know.

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Seriously, that's how the game looked to me the first time I saw someone play it.

12. Spongebob+politics+Fortnite

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OK, yes, so this is a pretty messed-up one, but how can you not crack up at President Patrick Star in a meme about a core gameplay mechanic being repurposed for a political agenda? It's excellent.

13. Karma's a you-know-what

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Ugh, isn't the worst when some trash-talker pulls a cheap move on you after you've been merked in a game? Not cool, not cool at all. You know what is cool though? When they die and need someone to help them and you make sure they pay for their arrogance. That's really cool.

14. Every man for himself.

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Strategy's overrated, plus you can't blame anybody for letting their emotions get the better of them once the game gets going. Because then, all bets are off.


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I mean lean is great and all, but the best way to get into the right mindset before a nice Fornite session is to slam back one of these. I actually take back what I said about lean, it's not "great and all."

16. To be fair...

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Yes, multiple border wall memes are a bit much but it's a big part of the game and I think there's more than one way to do a Fortnite wall meme.

17. Hey wait a minute...

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There's a clear protocol that needs to be followed and you stealing my stuff is not a part of that protocol, m'kay?

18. Anyone obsessed with a game, really...

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Who hasn't experienced the "one more game" promise to ourselves that we know we're going to break the first chance we get.


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It's fine, I mean, it's not like I wanted to play in a competitive game anyway.

20. It's hard to enjoy.

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Sure, you win, but it was on a technicality, any true gamer worth their salt wants to earn their victory on merit alone.

21. Decisions, decisions.

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On the one hand, you'd want them to help you when you need it, but, on the other, it's amazing loot. Sweet, sweet loot that could lead to new victories and even more loot...

22. A sight for sore eyes....

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Just like in real life, the sight of a comforting object or person or food will instantly trigger a pleasurable response. Seeing these bad boys in the game is a blessing from above.

23. Building like a boss...

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Watching people build structures in a half second and then use them in real-time for tactical purpose blows my mind. Still, the little shacks they stack on top of each other look kinda janky.

24. Some locations are more strategic than others.

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Well lads, it's been a good run, a downright pleasure playing with you.

25. Whack.

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Seriously, it's like, why did I even bother trying to kill you in the first place?

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