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12 Companies That Are Thinking About Pride Month in the Most Absurd Ways


Raise your hand if you remember a time when Pride meant all your queer friends were coming into the city for a night on the town. When you'd parade up and down town dancing, celebrating love in all its forms and, crucially, not forgetting the generations who fought for the rights and visibility we have now — back before gay identity was cute and marketable.

These days, we've gone astray from what Pride was once supposed to mean. I'm not even that old but I know that few of my peers and the generations after know why Pride occurs in June, or what it stands to commemorate. And a lot of corporations are blatantly exploiting gay pride for likes on Instagram without doing much to show support for their LGBTQ employees in ways that actually matter.

Anyway, here are 12 companies whose Pride Month ads have left me scratching my head.

1. Chipotle

Source: Instagram

I'm old enough to remember a time when Pride was about empowering the disenfranchised LGBTQ+ community, raising awareness about Prop 8 and marriage equality — not random companies slapping rainbows on their products that have nothing to do with the mission or message. 

But if you step into Chipotle looking for good old Tex-Mex junk food this month, you might have to contend with some very colorful signs, flags and burritos first.