Did That Barstool Map Infuriate You Too? Well, We Have Good News

A map of the U.S.'s favorite restaurants has infuriated the internet. Are the stats from the Public Information and Statistics Society accurate?

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Jun. 5 2020, Updated 6:50 p.m. ET

Here's a good tip: if you see something trending from Barstool Sports, always do your research before taking it as fact. Because those folks love to stir up a little controversy. Recently, a map of the U.S.'s favorite restaurants took the internet by storm, with information being pulled from the Public Information and Statistics Society. And to say it angered a few people would be, um, a gross understatement. 

But is the information accurate?

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The Public Information and Statistics Society map is most definitely not real.

Guys, to think that Denny's would be California's favorite restaurant is laughable. And, by the way In-N-Outs don't even exist in Washington or Iowa. And what the heck is Jollibee? Because Michigan residents sure don't know.

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No, this map is definitely not real. And the name of the place the "statistics" that made the map come from is a big tip. The map was made by 2020 information from the Public Information and Statistics Society. Which doesn't exist. Because it was made up by Barstool. Because the acronym spells "piss."

It seems what made the internet most furious about this map are Chuck E. Cheese and Rainforest Cafe.

Look, we can argue all day long about our personal preferences in regards to fast food. Because, for real, the idea that Olive Garden is New Jersey's favorite is nonsense and no one in New York is getting Sbarro. But what we think we can all agree on is that Chuck E. Cheese and Rainforest Cafe are no states' favorites, anywhere.

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No one goes to Chuck E. Cheese for the food, that kind of goes without saying. Because they are closed due to the current coronavirus pandemic, they had to start selling food through delivery apps and they literally started operating under a different name in the hopes that it would sell more. 

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Even if you do find the food okay, you're still not going to go. If you don't have a kid, it would be kind of creepy for adults to go. And for parents, it's a nightmare place filled with screaming kids, concerns about germs, and an endless demand for more money. Honestly, your kid may like it but you probably don't. So the idea that three whole states name that as their favorite restaurant would be mind-boggling...if it was real.

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As for Rainforest Cafe, it's rather meant for tourists. Locals aren't really its target demographic. So it's not likely to be Colorado's favorite restaurant, especially because they don't actually have one. They used to have one, but it closed in 2001.

Other people had a more personal vendetta about the map. Especially Californians.

As soon as the map went viral, Californians were not particularly impressed. Denny's, Barstool? Really? Although we have to say, we love this Twitter user's take on it. "Denny’s only poppin in Cali cause we all ended up at a Denny’s from 2-5am drunk as s--t eating a mozzarella stick," @andrew4088 wrote. Honestly, that's fair.

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Check out some more of what users had to say about the map below:

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