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Source: Wichita Public Library

Public Library Shows People How Much They've Saved on Their Receipts


Public library use has unfortunately fallen 30% since 2005, but people are—for the most part—still reading as much as ever. While libraries are being dropped in favour of easy to access eBooks, it's easy to forget just how much money you can save by going to the library. 

And while digital versions of books are often cheaper than their physical counterparts, they're still far more expensive than a trip to the library. To illustrate that point, one library has decided to have a running total of exactly how much money their customers have saved over the year by using their services. 

"Just noticed that my library keeps track of how much you save by not buying books and borrowing instead," Reddit user penguinska9 wrote on the platform earlier this week. The user also shared a photo of their receipt, which showed that they had saved $164 on that trip alone, $1,300 in the past year, and over $7,000 since they started using the library.