Everyone Is Talking About the Pulling Man Game on TikTok –– What Is It?

One of the latest games on TikTok to play is called the pulling man game. As of now, it’s totally viral! What is it all about?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Jul. 20 2022, Published 3:31 p.m. ET

There are new trends, games, and challenges to try on TikTok all the time. A major reason the video-sharing app is so popular among users is that there are exciting things popping up almost every single day.

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One of the latest games on TikTok to play is called the pulling man game. As of now, it’s totally viral! The game can allegedly define the dynamics of any relationship. These are the details of the pulling man game.

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What is the pulling man game on TikTok?

The pulling man game on TikTok was designed for couples to figure out the dynamics of their relationship. All you have to do is take a picture of two people standing together and draw green lines over their stances.

Whoever's line is leaning at an angle is the individual who’s more drawn to the other. If the green line drawn over the woman is directly vertical while the green line drawn over the man is leaned towards her, it supposedly means that he has deeper feelings for her than she has for him.

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Interestingly enough, according to Mixed Article, it seems that the lines drawn over men are pulled towards the woman in the majority of instances. If a woman has a green line drawn directly vertical, it means she’s probably very confident within herself.

She knows she’s powerful, she doesn’t need to depend on anyone else, and she doesn’t require validation. Since the pulling man game has erupted in popularity on social media, couples have been uploading pictures to test the theory.

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Where did the pulling man game start? Is it accurate?

It turns out that a social media user named @alpharivelino is the brain behind the pulling man game. They posted a video referencing the directions of the green lines they were drawing to decipher who the alpha was within each pictured relationship. According to Bustle, the pulling game might not be as accurate as people think, though.

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A body language expert named Joe Navarro said, “The green line body language test is rubbish. There is no science to support it, and has no legitimacy in logic, as humans are highly complex in how they display emotions bearing in mind that non-verbals are fluid and contextual.” In his mind, there’s not much to rely on with a social media experiment like this one.

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Another body language expert named Janine Driver said, “Every couple I put to the test ended up proving the test accurate.” If body language experts can’t see eye to eye about a social media test like this, which side are people supposed to believe?

Realistically, it seems that the pulling man game is nothing more than a fun little trend to try on TikTok for people who might be bored. The trend doesn’t only have to be used between romantic pairs either. It can also be used between siblings, parents with their kids, and best friends.

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