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These 'Queer Eye' Memes Will Make You Laugh (and Then Reconsider Your Wardrobe)



Queer Eye might sound like a show with a simple premise: self-improvement. But the best part about the program, aside from the cast who venture into the lives of desperate strangers who are in need of some guidance, is the fact that this group of gents actually manages to help people.

Take this episode out of the show's 3rd season, where 42-year-old Rob Elrod is still mourning the death of his wife, Allison, who lost her battle with breast cancer.

The Fab Five do an excellent job of helping Rob, and cry a heck of a lot in the process. Even the production crew got misty-eyed, including casting director Danielle Gervais. That being said, there's a heck of a lot to laugh about in the show as well, which is probably why people are so fascinated with the program.

1. It can hit comedic notes and then perfectly transition into touching ones.

Especially when we see just how hopeless some of the clients' wardrobes are. I'd be personally guilty of that. I guess getting clothes from Costco isn't exactly "chic."

2. Remember the Rob episode?

Yeah, his isn't the only tear-jerker. While some fans watch it just to see clueless people getting schooled in the ways of culture, others watch it to learn a thing or two and see someone's life improved. Or maybe it's a mixture of both.

3. Things get hella emotional.

I know I'm beating a dead horse at this point, but seriously, if you're planning on watching this show, bring a box of tissues.

4. Some cast members tend to go a little harder than others.

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Can Bobby get some love please??

5. Some of the work that they do is absolutely incredible.

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Seriously, this dude looks like an entirely different human being. The fab five are goooooood.


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7. Of course, their reactions to certain situations are amazing.

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I don't know how anyone could find taxidermy normal, and our man's face up here is pretty much the best response anyone could have to experiencing it firsthand.

8. 100% facts.

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The only time adding a dog ever made anything worse was when "Scrappy Doo" came into the picture. He sucks.

9. It's also little moments like this that make the show extra special.

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That little look of concern? Just wonderful. If you peer closely enough, you can even see the guilt sneaking into their eyes. Just wonderful.

10. Seriously guys, Bobby does a lot.


Like, a lot a lot. Like, let's give the man some credit a lot. If you think people are over-exaggerating about his skills, they really aren't.

11. Quality TV moments.

The look on her face as as she blushes from the compliments is simply amazing.

12. The squirrel moment is still a hot topic for debate.

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I don't think anyone has ever cared this much about squirrels in a long, long time. Well, technically they don't, they just care more about how the word's pronounced, I guess.

13. Seriously, people couldn't get over it.

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How're you gonna say it? Like the English do? "Sqwer-rell?" That's absolutely ridiculous.

14. There are just so many people who are team Bobby.

It needs to be said, over and over and over again. The man goes above and beyond.

15. Some Fab Five members are given more to work with than others.

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I will say though that you don't need much to get into shape, it's probably best to just stick to the basics

16. Hey, leave Antoni alone.

You already left my boy at the gas station, let him just do his thing, it's important work. Plus I can sympathize with wanting to do that.

17. Speaking of Antoni...

You really can't blame the guy for trying. It was some pretty bomb barbecue sauce. I want some of that Jones Sisters goodness.

18. Watching the culture clash is the best part.

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And when common ground is met, I mean, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. I never thought in a million years that someone would talk about Ulysses S. Grant this way.

19. Accurate.

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In other news, I could really use some help getting some shorts that don't make me look like a tourist visiting Orlando.

20. It's also filled with some pretty real, teachable moments.

This is absolutely wonderful. Just wonderful TV right here. Look at this.

21. Also, if you've never seen the show, here it is in a nutshell.

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And that's not a bad thing, seriously. There's a reason why it has a formula: it's because it absolutely, positively, works.

In case you don't believe me, you can watch Season 4 which is streaming on Netflix now. Ugh, so good.

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