Woman Quits Hotel Cleaning Job After 27 Minutes After Seeing How Staff Cleaned

The housekeeper “picked up a vacuum and vacuumed across the sheets," the woman recalled of her short hotel employment experience.

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Apr. 22 2024, Updated 2:58 p.m. ET

There has always been discussion around the topic of cleaning hotel rooms on social media. Some folks and even media outlets report that housekeepers fail to switch out sheets after hotel stays and they only clean surface messes. As a result, it’s believed that staying at a hotel comes with a fair share of risks to your health.

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Interestingly, the debate has grown legs as a woman on TikTok shared that she quit her hotel cleaning job after 27 minutes. What would cause such a quick turnaround? The answers will shock you.

Housekeeper changing sheets
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A woman shared on TikTok that she quit a hotel cleaning job after 27 minutes.

This may be a world record. In a TikTok video shared by creator Laugh Track (@tallandfunny1982) during the week of Aug. 14, 2023, she highlighted her quick experience in housekeeping at a hotel.

As the stitch video starts, you see creator who we'll call Gemini answering a question about the quickest job you quit and how long it took. She then answered by saying she “stayed at a job for 27 minutes.” Not even a half hour.

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“They explained to me the job, and I decided I was going to take the job,” Gemini said. “It was basically an executive, the person over the housekeepers at this specific hotel here in Gwinnett County. This was years ago, I had just moved here around 13 to 14 years ago."

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Gemini recalled being told by an employee that since she ranks higher than the other workers, she needed to know the protocol. The woman proceeded to show her what to do as they went to clean a room.

“I love to clean, let’s do it,” Gemini said. “Three things happened in that 27 minutes.”

Gemini said that she accompanied three to four young ladies on a cleaning job and was shocked to see what she saw.

“I’m gathering materials, you need gloves, bleach, and I’m like OK we’re going to get it,” Gemini said. “She said, ‘No, no, no.' When she said no, I knew it was going to be some BS.”

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Gemini went into the bathroom prepared to spray some bleach and the woman told her no.

“She got some tape and she wrapped the tape around her hand and she started patting the floor to get all the debris and stuff,” Gemini said. “She cut the tape off and threw it in the trash. She sprayed the room and then said, ‘Bathroom is clean. I said, “Oh s—.”

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The second issue was the bed, Gemini said that the bed looked like someone slept in it. Gemini said she put her gloves on to take the sheet off of the bed and was stopped by one of her fellow housekeepers.

“Oh no,” the housekeeper said. Gemini immediately knew it was going to be “more BS.”

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The housekeeper “picked up a vacuum and vacuumed across the sheets. Slid her hand across the sheets, and made the bed back up.”

Gemini was shocked and said that she “wanted to slap the s--- out of everybody.”

In the third and final incident that caused Gemini to quit, the housekeeper had a weird way of trying to clean cups from the coffee dispenser. Gemini was prepared to switch the cups out with new ones, but the other housekeeper had other ideas.

She filled one cup with water and a squirt of soap, poured one cup into the next, and rinsed them out with hot water. She then dried them off and put the cups back.

“I said, ‘Oh OK. I grabbed my jacket, it was on the back of one of the chairs, my keys were in my pocket,” Gemini said. “I put my jacket on, walked past them, clocked out, and walked out of the door.”

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TikTok users agree with Gemini’s decision to quit.

In no way, shape, or form should housekeeping cut corners when cleaning rooms. Not only is it unprofessional, but you run the risk of spreading harmful diseases when you don’t clean a space properly.

With that in mind, TikTok users applauded Gemini for quitting and also demanded to know the exact location of the hotel.

“I’m terrified of what you would have seen if you’d stayed longer,” one person said.

“I regret ever staying in hotels after being on TikTok,” another person shared.

“They would hate me. I take off all the sheets to try to help the cleaning ladies,” another person said.

Interestingly, many people shared that they make it a point to bring their own disinfectant to hotels while some folks shared that they avoid hotels altogether. SMH.

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