"We've Been Working 2 Hours" — Guests Arrive at Hotel With No Employees, Work the Front Desk

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 15 2023, Published 2:19 p.m. ET

Lots of us use self-serve kiosks whenever we're grocery shopping or otherwise buying things for ourselves. Whether the line is shorter or we just feel like limiting our human interaction as much as possible, most of us are pretty grateful for the option to just take care of ourselves in a transaction to let things go as smoothly as possible.

However, this group of vacationers were essentially forced to self serve themselves in one of the most bizarre hotel stays imaginable.

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While you might not expect to have to work on your vacation, these vacationers ended up working the front desk at the hotel they were staying at after no one arrived to help them. They relay the whole story on TikTok. Let's break it down.

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These guests work the front desk at their hotel for over two hours assisting other guests.

According to a series of TikTok videos posted by Aaron (@ahow15), he was vacationing in Nashville with a group of friends to celebrate his birthday. They were initially meant to check into the La Quinta hotel early but decided to arrive late after they went to a casino.

Once they arrived at their hotel, no one was there at the front desk, except for a fellow guest who was reportedly "crying and screaming" hysterically.

"We stood at the counter for 30 minutes before even doing anything," one among them remembered.

After consulting with a maid who was on duty who claimed that no one had been there for hours, the group decided to take matters into their own hands.

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The group tried to contact the general manager on the phone, who was apparently away at a general manager convention. When the GM didn't offer any assistance, they decided to take action. The group began answering phone calls on the front desk phones from several angry customers, many of whom claimed that they were being charged $600 for their stay. They also worked through the system to check into their own room, making sure not to mess with anyone else's information.

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But they didn't stop there. As early morning broke, many guests began coming down for breakfast. With virtually no staff to set things up, the group gloved up and began distributing breakfast items and setting the usual continental stations. They even spoke with non-English speaking guests using Google Translate to try and help them make sense of the situation they were all in.

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Calling them "good Samaritans" hardly even covers what these vacationers decided to achieve. The three of them went above and beyond on their own getaway to help hotel guests in need, using their own experiences in management to help them out.

"We saw people were upset and we just wanted to try and fix it in any way we could," they proclaimed in their Part 2 follow-up. "And I think we did a pretty damn good job."

Needless to say, folks in the comments were pretty flabbergasted and impressed at what this trio accomplished. One person wrote, "I would immediately add three years of hotel concierge to my resume."

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"Honestly, that's kinda sweet that you made sure everyone had some sort of breakfast," another person commented.

Many people believe that La Quinta owes them some sort of compensation for taking charge at the hotel in the apparent absence of any front desk staff in the building.

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As of this writing, La Quinta hasn't replied to Distractfy's request for comment. For that matter, OP hasn't yet revealed what happened with the general manager after they had returned to their post some time later.

It's not every day that someone picks up the slack on their own vacation, but kudos to this trio for making people's stressful hotel stays a little easier.

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