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Is Pat Evil? The 'Raising Dion' Season 1 Ending Explained



Netflix's new original series follows the smallest superhero we've seen yet. Raising Dion is the superhero movie that we've been waiting for forever. The show follows Dion, an 8-year-old boy with superpowers, and his widowed mother, Nicole, as the pair try to grapple with Dion's developing superpowers and the potential new supervillain in their city.

The show, produced by Michael B. Jordan, was released on Netflix on Oct. 4. The season finale left us with many questions. Is Mark dead? Is Pat evil? Or is Brayden now the evil one? One thing is clear though: if you like superheroes, you'll probably enjoy this new take on their stories.

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Tell me more about Raising Dion.

The show opens with Dion and his mother moving into a new apartment in a new neighborhood, where Dion is struggling to make friends. The pair is still dealing with the death of Dion's father, Mark. The story is that Mark drowned, but without a body to prove that theory, there's been no closure for Dion and Nicole.

There's also a mysterious storm that frequently appears, and seems to be attracted to other people with superpowers. Nicole struggles to keep those who want to study Dion's mutations away from him, and thus keep him safe, but it's hard when your child can teleport into your arms in an instant.

The pair end up needing to fight the Crooked Man, who's behind the storms. Spoiler: the storm has more to do with Mark and Pat than you may think.

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Here's what happened to Mark (warning: SPOILERS).

Apparently, Mark also had some superpowers of his own. On a trip with Pat to study the Northern Lights, he and the others that were there that night were hit with a wave of radiation, causing them all to develop superpowers. Pat, however, was hunkered down inside the heated yurt, and when the radiation hit him, it caused him to become sick instead.

While Mark and the others were reveling in their newfound powers, Pat struggled. He found that the best way to make himself feel better was to absorb the other people with powers — that's right, Pat is the storm that consumes the other characters, meaning he is the Crooked Man.

Mark was visiting Charlotte, one of the other people observing the Northern Lights that same day, in New Orleans when Pat went to consume Charlotte. Pat didn't know Mark was there and ended up consuming them both.

This also explains why Dion and Nicole were occasionally able to communicate with Mark. When the storm was in full force, Mark and the others that were consumed were temporarily able to escape and communicate. This is how Mark can warn Nicole and Dion of danger, and how they can hug each other after the Crooked Man is destroyed in the season finale.

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Is Pat evil?

In short: yes and no. Pat didn't mean to absorb his good friend Mark — he even admits that it was completely an accident, but he couldn't stop himself once he started. Pat also wasn't consuming other characters solely out of malice, but more out of necessity to deal with his sickness.

But, we'll admit, absorbing people for your own good isn't exactly the nicest thing to do either, so he's not absolved of all blame here. It seems as though the evil is in the force itself, though, instead of just in Pat.

After Dion defeats the storm and releases it from Pat, the dark entity seems to move on. We see it move to Brayden, the son of a farmer that was also affected by the radiation at the Northern Lights. After Brayden absorbs the storm, his eyes go black, signaling that he is now the Crooked Man — or, I guess, boy.

This means there's likely room for some intense plot twists if Netflix decides to develop a Season 2, but it's too early yet to tell if the company will produce another season.

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