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Lala Kent Is About to Become a Mom, and Is Anyone Ready for That?



If there’s one thing that fixes a relationship with so many ups and downs that the public assumes the couple is split up every other week, it's a baby. Just kidding, but now that Lala Kent and Randall Emmett are having a baby, hopefully their social media stunts wherein they seem like they are breaking up slow down.

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Because yes, it wasn’t all that long ago that Lala scrubbed photos of her and Randall from her Instagram and later shared on Instagram that she only did it because they got into a fight. 

"I'm petty… so when he pisses me off his photos go to the archive," she wrote in a caption of a photo of them, which has since been deleted. "Then I re-add them." 

Since the July 2020 stunt, they’ve been on steadier ground and now, they are about to be parents together for the first time.

Source: Instagram
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Randall Emmett has kids from a previous marriage.

Before Randall and Lala were ever engaged, though, he was married to actress Ambyr Childers, known for notable roles in shows like Ray Donovan and Netflix’s You. They divorced in 2017, but had two kids together, London Emmett and Rylee Emmett. And although they co-parent their young daughters, it hasn't always been easy between Lala and Ambyr.

In August 2019, Ambyr shared an Instagram Story in which she addressed Lala sharing photos of her daughters on social media and expressed her disapproval.

"Lala, I appreciate your love towards my children, but until you're officially their step-mother please refrain from posting my children on social media!" Ambyr wrote. "I hope [you] understand where I’m coming from. Many thanks."

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What is Lala Kent's due date?

Despite any lingering animosity between both of Randall’s baby mamas, Lala is over the moon excited to have her first baby with her fiancé. She announced her pregnancy in a recent episode of her podcast, Give Them Lala... with Randall, and shared, "I'm, like, shaking right now because I can't believe that it's a real-life thing. I cry about everything, but today it's very much happy tears."

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Lala also said she already feels "very maternal and motherly." While she didn't reveal her due date, she did say she and Randall will find out the sex of their baby, which could mean she isn't very far along. And if she only just found out about being pregnant and hasn't yet found out the sex of her baby, she could be just a month or two along, meaning Lala’s due date could be sometime around April 2021.

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Lala Kent being pregnant might help finally stop those breakup rumors.

When Lala deleted photos of Randall from her Instagram after their fight back in July, she wrote in an Instagram Story that the tactic was something she had yet to grow out of.

"It won't be the last time I archive pictures of Rand when he makes me mad," she admitted. "I'm petty AF. It will happen again and again until I grow out of it. & if it's the most petty thing I do, I'm okay with it."

At 30 years old, Lala might finally be on the precipice of growing out of it, as she says. Or, at the very least, keeping those relationships qualms off Instagram. Hopefully, becoming a mom will help her mature just a bit, so that she can use social media for good, like clogging her followers’ feeds with photos of her baby, rather than more relationship drama.

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