Rare Lego Pieces Could Lead to a Sizable Payout for Some Fans

A major Lego sale in Pennsylvania has everyone wondering: "Is my collection of old Legos worth anything?" In some cases, yes.

Alex West - Author

Mar. 25 2024, Published 9:02 a.m. ET

Kanohi Hau mask on the left side with the Mr. Gold Minifigurine on the right
Source: Goodwill; eBay

A major Lego sale in Pennsylvania has everyone wondering: "Is my collection of old Legos worth anything?" The reality is that most Lego pieces are probably depreciating in value as they sit in a box, stored away in a basement somewhere.

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A Goodwill store sold a 14-karat gold piece for $18,101 after originally listing it for $14.95, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The piece was a Kanohi Hau mask which is discontinued alongside the entire Bionicle collection of Legos. While the average person likely doesn't have this piece, it doesn't hurt to go check your boxes for potential rarities.

14k solid gold 2x4 Lego Brick

The 14k solid gold 2x4 Lego Brick
Source: Brick Envy

Just like the Kanohi Hau mask, a dash of gold really makes a major difference, but that would go for most items in life. The difference between your average chunk of gold and the iconic Lego brick is, well, the brick. These aren't the sort of thing that you can just purchase. Instead, they were given to dedicated employees, according to Brick Fact. They're valued at $15,000.

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Mr. Gold Minifigure

With only 5,000 of these little Lego man were made. This has drive the value of the piece a hefty price tag — $7,395.33. It's not easy to find him out and about, especially as the chrome gold finish and the little diamond make it an extra special purchase.

Windscreen 16x8x6 Curved with 3 Pin Holes

The Windscreen 16x8x6 Curved with 3 Pin Holes
Source: eBay

Some complete Lego sets are very difficult to come by, making their individual pieces so rare. After all, it's not difficult to lose the individual pieces over time. In the case of this specific windscreen, it is highly useful outside of its Lego Star Wars sets as it has the three pin holes that can link onto a standard Lego piece. Its value is a little lower at $190.07.

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Lando Calrissian Minifigure with Cape Cloth

While capes aren't completely abnormal for Lego figurines, the physical cloth aspect of these special ones was different as many of the others were made of plastic. These cloth pieces were only available in a niche Star Wars set. The capes are reported to be worth $177.82.

Lando Calrissian Minifigure with Cloth Cape on the left side with Goat with Dark Tan Horns and Medium Nougat Spots Pattern on the right
Source: eBay
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Dolphin with Abnormal Connection

Lego has found a way to make practically everything, including dolphins. A blip in the manufacturing is what actually makes this blue piece rare as it isn't able to connect to the studs correctly. One of these underwater critters will run you $116.76.

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon
Source: Lego

As previously mentioned, some entire sets are very rare. In this case, the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon was the sort of thing that major Star Wars fans scooped up immediately. It can be worth over $2,163.

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Goat with Dark Tan Horns and Medium Nougat Spots Pattern

Another rare animal piece is a simple goat which is worth about $94. What's particularly notable about the goat is actually just its color as Lego would go on to make more goats of other variations.

Taj Mahal (2008 Edition)

There are different variations of the Taj Mahal made by Lego, but the 2008 edition is well-coveted in the collectors' circle. It can sell for up to $3,000.

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Why is the gold Bionicle mask worth so much?

It might seem astounding just how much that Bionicle mask sold for, especially looking at the lower prices of the other rare pieces. However, it certainly is worth the money if you're into Lego that much.

“You wouldn’t think anything of it,” Chad Smith, the vice president of e-commerce at the Goodwill that sold the piece told People. “It came in a little old-looking Lego box.”

One of the major reasons that the pieces became so rare is that they weren't necessarily sold. Most of them were given away with a few extras handed out to people who worked at Lego.

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