Couple's "Hot Takes" Leave Internet Stunned — Including Why They Track Each Other's Locations

A couple thought they were sharing hot takes on TikTok. Instead, the pair were slammed for their many red flags. Keep reading for the full scoop.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jun. 15 2023, Published 5:51 p.m. ET

In relationships, it’s not uncommon for couples to have their own routines that work for them. Some prefer to let one person choose what TV show to binge watch while the other partner may be better equipped to handle where to go for date night. But sometimes, the balance of tasks can shift from a preference to bright red flags.

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This was the case for Rachel Fiona and her fiancé Ryley Wilson, according to TikTok.

The couple took to Rachel’s platform, @drachel, to share how they prefer to move in their relationship and eventual marriage. Once they did, the couple received plenty of feedback, mainly from users who believed Rachel should run as fast as she could from her long-haired beau.

Let’s see why Rachel and Ryley signaled major red flags online.

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Red flag? A man said he tracks his fiancée’s location because he's "possessive" and she's a "baddie."

In February 2023, Rachel and Ryley posted a 46-second TikTok that they captioned as a “hot take.” Let’s just say the title fit the video very well.

While discussing the “controversial things we do in our relationship,” Ryley and Rachel said they have several rules that make their engagement run a little simpler. Ryley added the couple’s first rule and stated that he and Rachel share their locations on their phones when apart.

Sounds harmless, right? Well, it would be, except that Ryley explained why they track each other’s locations, and it had nothing to do with making sure his fiancée gets home safely.

“Why?” Ryley says in the video after admitting he and Rachel track each other. “Well, 'cause I'm possessive, and she's a baddie.”

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Ryley added that he “​​can't have any other guys hitting that,” referencing the woman he plans on marrying in 2024. After Rachel gave him an approving smile and giggle, the couple resumed sharing more takes, including how they refuse to let one another have friends of the opposite sex. Why, you ask? Because as Ryley put it, “Once again, she’s [Rachel] a baddie [and] I’m possessive.” Duh??!!

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In addition to knowing where the other one is at all times and dodging the opposite sex as much as possible, Rachel and Ryley took us back in time when they discussed how they divvy up their household tasks.

For starters, Ryley avoids keeping the couple’s home neat, as Rachel said that “cleaning, laundry,” and any additional homemaking task is a “me problem” because she’s a woman. Simultaneously, Rachel wouldn’t dare do any of Ryley’s “manly” tasks, such as putting gas in the car, taking out the trash, or fixing anything around the house.

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Although some would think Ryley and Rachel’s arrangement raised many relationship red flags, the couple stated that adhering to gender norms works for them. However, that didn’t stop TikTok from TikToking in Rachel’s comments.

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The couple received several requests to cancel their wedding after their TikTok went viral.

Unsurprisingly, Rachel and Ryley received loads of attention following their short video. Many TikTok commenters said the couple’s relationship was riddled with red flags, especially after hearing Ryley’s take.

While some hoped they were joking, others said Ryley’s possessiveness stems from his possible insecurity within himself, with one user referring to him as “Thor from Shein,” which honestly took us out.

“Someone mas mommy issues,” one commenter predicted.

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“We know it’s a joke because who is stupid enough to be in that kind of relationship BUT yet this joke is real for some people and not funny,” another chimed in.

Despite the backlash they received, Rachel and Ryley continued posting content together and have remained planning their wedding after multiple requests to call it off.

Love is love is love, chile.

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