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#BoysCanBePrincessToo Celebrates Gender Expression in All Its Forms


The last time I went to Disneyland, I was In line for a ride in front of an adorable family with two little kids, a boy and a girl. Both were dressed up in their finest princess dresses. It was super cute. And it was also not a big deal! So much is made over gender expression. It is a little more accepted these days for women to dress "like men" than it is for men to dress "like women."

Wearing skirts and dresses is seen as feminine, which for many translates to weak. But we're at the tail end of 2019. Gender is a construct. Men should be able to wear dresses if they want to. Clothing is a self-expression tool, and it's time we let all people wear whatever they feel good in. One project, called Boys Can Be Princesses Too, is actively seeking to spread this message of acceptance, and when it recently caught wind on Twitter, it sparked a conversation about gender expression that we should keep having.