"I Don't Remember a Bob!": Woman Buys Wrapping Paper of Santa's Reindeer, It Has One Named Bob

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 13 2023, Published 5:57 p.m. ET

It's Christmas Eve and Santa is about to ride off into the horizon on his sleigh full of presents. Before taking to the sky he yells out a command to his reindeer:

"On Dasher! On Dancer! On Prancer and Vixen! On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and ... Bob?"

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That doesn't sound right, does it? That's because it's not. Though Christmas and other holiday paraphernalia have had to get creative to work around trademarks and potential licensing issues, few knock-off blunders are as far-off as this one. Apparently "Bob" is the new "Blitzen," according to one TikToker's wrapping paper she bought when trying to cut corners this holiday season.

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A TikTok user shows reindeer wrapping paper, featuring the reindeer "Bob" and "Donder."

Usually, buying the cheapest wrapping paper you can find isn't an issue — the cheaper paper is known to tear easier, but when you have little children who will waste no time tearing the paper to shreds, there's not really any point in purchasing quality gift wrapping.

TikTok user Chloe (@kahloee) posted about the wrapping paper she bought in a short video.

"So I bought this wrapping paper at the dollar store cause I thought it was cute and ya girl is balling on a budget," she starts the video, showing one roll of red wrapping paper with snowmen and another red roll with reindeer. The snowmen paper seems to be just fine — it's the reindeer paper that is the issue.

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"Can someone tell me who the f--- 'Donder' and Bob' are?!" she continues, showing the two incorrectly named reindeer. "Who is Bob?! Bob and Donder? Probably Donner, but Bob? I don't remember a Bob."

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"Donder" is actually the original name of "Donner" in the poem about Santa's reindeer, and even the state of California officially recognizes the seventh reindeer as "Donder." But Bob is definitely not one of the original eight.

This hilarious blunder has the comments popping off with jokes about the new reindeer, and many of Chloe's viewers are already rushing to get their own "Bob" wrapping paper.

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"Bob works from home but they included him this year in the staff photo," one comment reads.

"Bob is on standby if someone calls in sick," another joked.

"Idk, I kinda like Bob," the official TikTok account for Duracell batteries commented.

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For anyone thinking of getting the Bob the reindeer wrapping paper for yourself, Chloe says that she bought her wrapping paper from a "99 cent store" on Long Island. Because these 99 cent stores aren't usually a chain, you may have to go hunting at a few different locations to get the wrapping paper before Christmas.

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"This s--- is thick — Bob's not f------ around," Chloe says in another follow-up video, this time replying to the alleged thinness of the paper. Though cheap wrapping paper is known to be thin and breakable, Chloe says this one is holding up well through her wrapping this year.

If your kids ask why Bob is on the wrapping paper instead of Blitzen, tell them he's the new substitute — he's already a fan favorite.

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