This Restaurant Is Under Fire for Its Racist Dress Code Policy After a Black Man Was Refused Entry

This bouncer refused to seat a Black man at a Dallas restaurant. Read to watch the viral video that has the internet up in arms!

Pretty Honore - Author

Jul. 3 2023, Published 5:00 p.m. ET

The internet is proof that Karens come a dime a dozen. Whether it’s at a park, sauna, or even your own home, there’s sure to be a middle-class white woman who wants it her way.

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But today, we’re giving the Karens a break; Instead, we’d like to talk about the Kyles of the world — one of which went viral in a video posted by a social media user by the name of @tr0n_almighty.

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In the clip, which has since made its rounds on TikTok and Instagram, Tron called out the Dallas bar after he was refused entry. According to the security guard at the door, Tron was in violation of the bar’s dress code policy, but the viral video tells a different story.

This Dallas restaurant refused entry to a Black man due to their dress code policy and got cooked by the internet.

The Parliament joined the long list of establishments that have been called out for racial profiling and discrimination after Tron shared his experience at the restaurant in late June.

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Tron’s Instagram reveals that he’s a father and makes a living as a teacher at a high school in Oak Cliff. He got more than he expected when he showed up at The Parliament for a night out.

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“We gotta use our platform to stop allowing these people to racially profile black people and allow them to get away with it,” Tron said in the caption of the now-viral Instagram post, adding that he sensed trouble from Kyle (we don’t know his real name) before he even arrived at the door.

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When Kyle told Tron that his outfit didn’t adhere to the establishment’s dress code policy, Tron pointed out multiple examples of white patrons wearing almost the same thing.

"I asked to see his dress code or where I could find it online and he started mumbling,” he shared. “Parliament Dallas is owned by a racist and shouldn’t be supported by any person of color ever again.”

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Looking back on the bar’s reviews, this isn’t the first time the spot has been accused of racism.

Months before the incident went viral, another patron echoed Tron’s sentiments in a review: “Got turned away wearing shorts, which is weird since I’ve worn shorts before, but things may have changed, it be like that.”

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“A bit later a white guy was let in wearing shorts, but even later an Indian guy was turned away because of shorts,” the reviewer added. "Definitely weird, but maybe just one of those days. Will wear pants next time and some skin-whitening cream.”

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Since the video surfaced on social media, negative reviews have continued to roll in on Yelp and Google. Additionally, users on Reddit have chimed in on the diversity controversy. Although they didn’t identify him by name, @PompousClock said that they recognized the bouncer in the video.

“Holy s---, I recognize the guy in the blue collared shirt,” the Redditor wrote. “Just looked up the dress code. There is no mention that athletic shoes or shorts are prohibited. ‘Athletic wear’ is prohibited, but only if it is worn in conjunction with another prohibited item. Shorts are not on that list.”

Now that The Parliament has gone viral for its antics, it’s safe to say that this allegedly racist restaurant is cooked.

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