Retired Librarian Blasts Dad Who Doesn't Want Son "Exposed" to LGBTQ Books

A retired librarian responded to a concerned dad who said he didn't want his children "exposed to other orientations."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

May 31 2023, Published 9:38 a.m. ET

Retired Librarian Responds to Book Ban Legislation
Source: Twitter | @notcapnamerica

There are a lot of people who passionately believe that children should have access to books demonstrating and describing, in some instances, vivid detail, various intimate acts between two people.

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And then there are people who believe that introducing explicit acts of intercourse to children isn't a good idea and they oppose putting these books in schools and/or libraries. Within this debate, there are sub-squabbles about references to intimate acts performed among various genders.

And then jumbled up into that conversation are arguments over whether or not children should learn about the intricacies of drag, with drag performers in some instances reading with kids at libraries. There are people taking issue with this as well, and highlight that in some instances, convicted sex offenders have been selected to share spaces with children to read to them about drag.

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However, the source of a recent debate highlights one aspect of this book regulating conversation: a dad expresses in a clip posted on Twitter at what appears to be some kind of communal meeting that he doesn't want his kid "exposed to other sexual orientations."

Source: Twitter | @notcapnamerica
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The man in the crowd says that there are books that have a clear agenda that are being used to "propagandize" the acceptance of different orientations during a portion of the clip. It appears that his voice is sped up and parts of his speech are edited.

A retired librarian is then shown responding to the man at the head of the room, effectively stating that there are inevitably going to be a large number of books in the library at any given time that contain material which aren't suitable for children.

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She also says that "all people should be represented" and "at least 20%" of all books in a library should contain literature that any given person would not want to read as this is the basis of freedom of speech.

Source: Twitter | @WoolyBully0420
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She also goes on to say that there are a number of books in her library that she wouldn't ever want to give to a child to let them read, but that doesn't necessarily mean said books should be banned or disallowed from being a part of the library's collection.

The woman then goes on to question what should happen to a librarian if a child decides to take out a book: "Go to jail?" She then goes on to say that librarians are "facing" that consequence should proposed laws go into effect.

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It appears that she's referring to vetoed legislatures and upcoming bills across various states that would see librarians face to face with severe penalties should children be exposed to books containing sexually explicit materials.

Source: Twitter | @KimraLuna
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Hypothetically, if one of these bills is passed in an area, that means a minor could take out a book, like Stephen King's IT, and could be enjoying the horrors of a clown feasting on young children.

And then, they get to that one controversial scene involving children engaging in what is essentially an orgy, and their parents find out. The librarian who allowed the kid to take out the book could be facing criminal prosecution as a result.

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The Arkansas Advocate referenced one such proposition: Senate Bill 81, which, according to the outlet: "would remove schools and public libraries from the part of Arkansas state code that currently exempts them from prosecution 'for disseminating a writing, film, slide, drawing, or other visual reproduction that is claimed to be obscene' under existing obscenity laws."

Source: Twitter | @olgentyre
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The article goes on to state: "Employees of public or school libraries that 'knowingly' distribute obscene material or inform others of how to obtain it would risk conviction for a Class D felony, the bill states. Knowingly possessing obscene material would risk conviction of a Class A misdemeanor."

Some folks who saw the Twitter clip applauded the Librarian's response to the man, with one individual writing: "I worked as a library aide during high school. Librarians will go toe to toe with anyone. They are fierce."

Another person pointed out that their local library contains books from an author that they don't agree with, but they don't make a stink about it: "My library has a bunch of books authored by Newt Gingrich. Would I want my kids reading that trash? No. Am I ranting at the librarian about it? No. Just because it's publicly available doesn't mean you have to read it. If you don't want your kids reading stuff, then take it away."

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