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Source: wwe

Brock Lesnar's Attack on Dominick Disrupted Rey Mysterio's Title Plans


RAW fans who tuned in last night began their evening with Rey Mysterio getting on the mic and hyping up his championship match with Seth Rollins. It didn't take long for Brock Lesnar to come and put a stop to that. And anyone who's ever watched Brock Lesnar on WWE knows that any type of interruption at the hands of Brock is a violent one.

The Beast Incarnate beat the bejesus out of Rey in the middle of the ring, but his ire didn't stop there: he soon turned his attention toward Dominick.

Rey Mysterio's son has been featured prominently in the WWE for a while now, mostly as a means of superstars using the young man to get to his legendary father. Brock Lesnar's intentions were no different: he accosted the young buck outside the ring, who tried to avoid confrontation with Lesnar.

While Dominick was clearly unwilling to engage with arguably the most fearsome professional wrestler of all time, that didn't really matter to Brock.