Ricky Merino Is a Pop Singer, Media Personality, and the Host of 'Sing On! Spain'

Ricky Merino rose to fame with hit songs like "Perfecto," "Love Yourself," and "Miénteme." Currently, he serves as the host of 'Sing On! Spain.'

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Jul. 24 2020, Updated 7:39 p.m. ET

ricky merino sing on spain
Source: Instagram

A show imitating the atmosphere of the liveliest karaoke bars? That's Sing On! Spain in a nutshell. 

Hosted by legendary pop singer Ricky Merino, the game show calls on contestants to deliver the best and most catharsis-inducing karaoke performances of their lives.

Those who succeed not only get to join in on the party happening throughout the show. They also earn a handsome prize that can go up to €30,000.

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Ricky Merino is the host and one of the biggest stars of 'Sing On! Spain.'

It only took the energetic host strolling on stage and introducing the rules of the game in his trademark, adorable style for most viewers to become immediately smitten.

In addition to your standard hosting duties, the Palma de Mallorca-born singer also gets to hand out an award to the contestant whose performance he deems worthy of even more recognition. 

ricky merino sing on spain
Source: Instagram
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As Decider reveals, Ricky has the power to hand out a check worth €500 if he believes that a contestant is blessed with out-of-this-world talents. If they happen to be even more skilled, he can also give them a bonus worth €1000. 

Ricky is a singer and media personality.

Before joining the show, Ricky earned renown as a pop singer and a showman. 

He released numerous hit songs over the years, including "Love Yourself," "Perfecto," and "Miénteme." A regular fixture on Spanish television, he also appeared as a musical guest on shows like La mejor canción jamás cantada and Tu cara me suena.  

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ricky merino sing on spain
Source: Instagram

As his TikToks prove, Ricky is blessed with impeccable looks and an even better sense of humor. 

His two adorable kids often feature in his videos. However, he is not adverse to dance challenges or workout videos either. 

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Source: TikTok

'Sing On! Spain' is a game show and a talent contest rolled into one.

Sing On! Spain is a game show in every sense of the word. The participants have to sing hit songs in front of a live band, only for the state-of-the-art voice analysis system to decipher whether they have what it takes or not. 

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According to Decider, the first round features six contestants. 

How much money the winner takes away at the end of the night depends on how well the contestants fare during the first round. If everyone manages to match the notes in the original song they were given, the prize will be €30,000.

In addition, the person to deliver the most accurate performance gains immunity from being voted off. 

The rest of the crowd, however, have to battle it out in the next round. Here it's the contestants who have to decide whose performance they find the best. The person they collectively vote off has to go. 

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In the following rounds, the voice analysis system makes its grandiose return — and it's this piece of tech that gets deployed to weed out the contestants who don't do as well. 

In the final round, the singer who gained immunity gets to choose one of the songs they and their opponent have to perform. The participant to win the round takes home the prize. 

Sing On! Spain is available on Netflix now. 

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