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Silly Laws That Are Actually Still Laws in 2019


What seems important to us now — so important that "there oughtta be a law" — may be moot or completely ridiculous in a few decades. Just ask whoever thought it was necessary to ban the consumption of frogs who die in frog-jumping competitions. That's a real thing that's illegal in California, so don't even try it.

Most legislative bodies have the power to repeal or amend laws that are no longer of use, yet a lot of ordinances that have been rendered either obsolete or ridiculous remain technically legal though rarely, if ever, enforced. While a lot of these "strange laws" on other sites are urban legends or have long since been repealed, these 15 laws are still technically on the books in their jurisdictions as of the time of this writing.

1. Want to pawn your artificial limb? Stay out of Delaware.

Personally, I think you should be allowed to do whatever you want with your prosthetics, but in Delaware, it's illegal to pawn or sell to a scrap metal collector any artificial limb or wheelchair. Scrap metal collectors also face some restrictions around purchasing cemetery urns and grave markers, you'll be happy to know. However, if the seller provides "appropriate authorization from a relevant business or unit of federal, state, or local government specifically authorizing the individual to conduct the transaction," then it's OK.